Welcome to Study Abroad!

Through the Office of International Programs, students can take advantage of many international opportunities: semesters abroad; summer sessions in other countries; and short trips planned for spring break, right after school in Mayor as part of a GWU summer session class.

Many GWU students have returned from semesters in England,Hong Kong, Malta, and Costa Rica. They have enjoyed summer experiences in Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, andItaly. They have also participated in short trips to Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Paris,Geneva, and Strasbourg.

No matter where you go, or for how long, the experience will expand your mind, broaden your understanding, strengthen your values, and last but not least, enhance your resume. In addition, you will make lifelong friends.

Contact the Director of International Programs, plan for your international experience, and discuss financial assistance to make it possible. 

Why Study Abroad?

Whether for an academic year, one semester, a month, or even just a week, spending time abroad adds a dimension to one's academic and personal development that can only be described as life-changing. To be immersed in another culture allows for a different way of looking at life, other people, and other places. Perhaps most importantly, experiences in other countries bring about an examination of one's own value system as it relates to life in general both here and abroad. Gardner-Webb University offers students several opportunities for international multi-cultural experiences that become an unforgettable part of a student's life. 

Where Can I Go?

Just where you go depends on the kind of experience that you want. GWU has semester exchange agreements with many universities in Europe as well as with Hong Kong Baptist University. One-month opportunities are available in Costa Rica, Trois Rivieres (Canada) and the Universidad de Leon in Spain. During spring break and right after graduation there have been trips to France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Germany. Mission trips have taken GWU students to Africa, Honduras, Malaysia, and Poland just to name a few.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cost is always an issue, but help is available. Through the Office of International Programs, students can receive financial assistance for study abroad. Business students who participate in the annual trip to Switzerland can get an excellent loan rate from the First National Bank of Shelby.

What About Academic Information?

Some of the programs abroad provide the opportunity for academic credit. Students who spend a semester abroad have earned as many as 18 credits. The number of credits you can receive depends upon the length and academic rigor of the experience overseas.