Center for Innovative Leadership Development

Vision Statement

The Center for Innovative Leadership Development’s vision is to link university resources in creative ways to impact the major human, social and organizational needs of specific communities and/or region. CILD will aid current and future leaders to thrive, using an organizational development model designed to provide leaders proven strategies that leverage strengths, enable trust and engage individuals, teams, departments and organizations. It will equip the leaders with the tools to be transformative in their pursuit of excellence. The Center’s focus will be on increasing and sustaining individual and collective efficacy leading to the creation of high performance behavior both personally and organizationally utilizing best practices.

Mission Statement

The Center for Innovative Leadership Development (CILD) serves both as a catalyst for cultural transformation within the institution aimed at enhanced organizational performance as well as establishing the framework for centers of excellence within the organization.  The focus of the Center is on distributed leadership promoting the idea that organizations need to unleash the leadership that exists throughout the organizational hierarchy, wherever expertise, vision, passion, new ideas, and commitment are found. Partnering with clients, the Center works with organizations on developing individual and collective efficacy driving toward creating and sustaining high performance teams.


  • Increase high school graduation rates.
  • Increase rate of young adults successfully securing higher education and job readiness training.
  • Increase practices of transformational leadership.
  • Provide comprehensive training to develop the necessary skills to lead reform initiatives.
  • Increase the level of engagement in schools and the local community-based organizations.
  • Support and, where appropriate, lead community initiatives to reduce crime and teen pregnancy rates.
  • Serve as a beacon for individual and collective efficacy in the work environment.
  • Equip educators with best practices with respect to creating a high performance learning environment.
  • Be a catalyst for change and educate, promote, and mentor change agents.
  • Promote creativity/ingenuity in meeting today’s challenges.



  • Regional conferences
  • Leadership development activities (face-to-face, internet facilitated, etc)
  • Evaluation research documenting transformational leadership strategies and results
  • Public awareness campaigns for promoting what works to build leaders and transform communities
  • Consultation

Center for Innovative Leadership Development

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