Photo of Jennifer Buckner

Dr. Jennifer Buckner, Writing Center Director

Professor Jennifer Buckner is GWU's Writing Center Director, providing training and guidance for an outstanding staff of consultants. With a research specialization in writing studies and new media, she works to provide the staff with resources and approaches to effective writing instruction and peer tutoring. Professor Buckner is an associate professor in the Department of English Language and Literature, teaching composition and new media courses.

Photo of David Cole

David Cole, Writing Consultant

David is an undergraduate Political Science and Public Relations major.  He wants to work in urban planning or economic development following graduation, and is interested in mountain biking, soccer, creative writing, and watching movies.

Photo of Savannah Craig

Savanna Craig, Writing Consultant

Savanna is a graduate student pursuing a Masters in Divinity degree with a concentration in Biblical Studies.  She appreciates psychology, sunflowers, hiking in the mountains, art, and conversation with fascinating people.

Photo of Brianna Crump

Brianna Crump, Writing Center Receptionist 

Brianna Crump is a senior, majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing. Her biggest achievements in life are the seven novels she's written and the two cats she owns.

Photo of Emily Eidson

Emily Eidson, Writing Consultant

Emily is an undergraduate English major with an emphasis in Professional Writing.  She is an advocate for reading and hopes to one day work with books.  In her free time she likes hiking, rap music, and the occasional Netflix binge.

Photo of Lizzie Erhartic

Lizzie Erhartic, Writing Consultant

Lizzie is a senior double majoring in business administration and English. She is a lover of travel and animals and is pursuing a career in human resources in the aviation administration industry.

Photo of Jeremiah Hamby

Jeremiah Hamby, Writing Consultant

Jeremiah is a graduate student in the School of Divinity and the Department of Religious Studies.  He is an avid lover of music, racquetball, Fred Rogers, and anything psychological. 

"Music is the one art we all have inside." - Fred Rogers

Photo of Sarah Grace Moxley

Sarah Grace Moxley, Writing Consultant

Sarah-Grace Moxley is an English education major. She wants to teach overseas and loves anything related to music, theatre, and social justice.

Photo of Hannah Ray

Hannah Ray, Writing Consultant

Hannah Ray is a junior at Gardner-Webb and an English major. Known for her witty metaphors in describing how works, she is a true lover of language studies. She plans one day to work as a writer. 

Photo of Mariah Richardson

Mariah Q. Richardson, Graduate Assistant

Mariah Q. is completing the dual degree program in Masters of Divinity and Masters of Arts in Religion. She hopes to someday work as a researcher at an archaeological dig site in the Ancient Near East. 

Photo of Jacob Watson

Jacob Watson, Writing Center Receptionist

Jacob Watson is majoring in Business Administration. He plans on achieving his Master's Degree at GWU after he graduates. Jacob's special interests are playing guitar, listening to music, and going to Cookout.