The Master of Arts in Sport Pedagogy courses are designed to assist individuals who are involved with sport and fitness-related endeavors such as physical education programs, coaching environments, fitness centers, sport clubs, and other physical activity settings.

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Gardner-Webb’s Master of Arts in Sport Education program assists in the advanced preparation of individuals involved with sport and fitness-related instruction. As a student, you’ll benefit from a synthesis of current and applicable information, derived from both theory and practice.

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This program prepares students for positions of leadership through the refinement of knowledge and skills, thus enabling advancement in their careers as professional educators. Many graduates have used this degree for career enrichment as a public school teacher or coach. Other graduates have used this degree to obtain teaching positions at a college or a university. Current students hold positions such as sport instructors, athletic trainers, and strength/conditioning specialists, while recent graduates have gone on to become academic program chairs, activity directors, recreation supervisors, and intercollegiate coaches.

The Sport Education program consists of 10 separate three-hour courses, each offered online. Two courses are offered each semester, Fall, Spring, and Summer. If a student is continuously enrolled, completion of the program can be achieved in just under two years.

The program includes a capstone experience known as a comprehensive exam, which is taken during the final semester of enrollment. This exam is also administered online.

Methodology (6 credit hours)
PHED 600 Research in Sport Pedagogy
PHED 601 Instructional Strategies

Science (6 credit hours)
PHED 602 Scientific Principles of Human Performance
PHED 603 Contemporary Concepts of Wellness

Socio-Culture (6 credit hours)
PHED 604 Sport in Society
PHED 604 Sport and Physical Education for Diverse Populations

Administration (6 credit hours)
PHED 606 Sport and Physical Education Administration
PHED 607 Legal Issues in Sport and Physical Education

Electives (6 credit hours)
PHED 555 Special Topics
PHED 608 Psychology of Sport
PHED 609 Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction
PHED 610 Theories of Motor Development
PHED 611 Physical Education Seminar
PHED 612 Leadership and Ethics in Sport Pedagogy
PHED 613 Coaching Theory

Additional information, including specific courses and their corresponding credit hours, is available in the Academic Catalog.

Each member of the Sport Education graduate faculty has an earned doctorate and has obtained certification to work with the online learning system known as Blackboard. Presently, one faculty member has completed Quality Matters certification, the gold standard in online course delivery, and our goal is for all faculty to have their courses achieve the QM standard of excellence in the near future. Faculty strive to ensure that students are effectively engaged and are held to the highest standards of integrity and rigor.

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