The Art Education program at GWU will help you reach your dream of becoming an art teacher who inspires creativity.

art student working on a clay piece

A Bachelor of Arts in Art Education will develop your artistic skills and abilities and deepen your knowledge of global cultural heritage, while also preparing you to instruct others as an art educator. 

Undergraduate Admissions

As an Art Education major, you will receive a comprehensive and collaborative learning experience that combines instruction in the history, the creation and the teaching of visual art forms.


During your senior year, you will exhibit artwork demonstrating a concentrated focus in technique, style and content, while also developing your critical thinking and communication skills by presenting a thesis defending your work.


In addition to hands-on experience in drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture and other subjects, your degree will provide you with classroom experience as a student teacher, equipping you with the reality-based skills you need to instruct others in the arts.

Students most often obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education to work in public, private, or arts-specific schools, at colleges or universities, in adult and community programs, with libraries and museums, or in alternative schools. Advanced education is required for some of those professions.

In addition to the University’s required general education and prerequisites, the Bachelor of Arts in Art Education requires 79 credit hours of required coursework, including 14 hours of arts academics, 21 hours of foundation studio courses, and 12 hours in an upper-level studio concentration in courses 300 level or above. Nine hours of the upper-level studio must be taken from a two-dimensional or three-dimensional studio sequence. ARTS 225 is suggested to meet a three-hour core requirement in the Dimensions of Self, but it cannot be used to fulfill requirements for the major. This major also requires a minor in art education, which includes 30 hours of coursework.


Additional information, including descriptions of specific courses and their corresponding credit hours, is available in the Academic Catalog.

The Bachelor of Arts in Art Education includes a required Art Education minor of 30 hours, which provides instruction for teaching and student development. More details are available in the Academic Catalog.


The University also offers an array of minor opportunities in other departments.

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