Global Research

Global Research

a. Mission Research Institutes


i. African-American Religions (US)

ii. Barna Research Online(US)

iii. Billy Graham Center Archives (US)

iv. Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR)

v. Center for the Study of Christianity in a Non-Western World

vi. Global Evangelization Movement (US)

vii. Harvard Center for the Study of World Religions

viii. Henry Martyn Centre (UK)

ix. Institute for Missiology and for the Study of Religions (Switzerland)

x. Overseas Ministries Training Center (US)

xi. Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (UK)

xii. Sydney Centre for World Missions

xiii. Thirty Years of Mission Abstracts, Fuller

xiv. US Center for World Mission


b. Mission Libraries


i. Hartford University (for Islamic Resources)

ii. Library of Congress Research Services (US) (Wide Variety of Resources)

iii. National Archives of Singapore (Mission Archives related to Singapore and Southeast Asia)

iv. School of World Mission, Fuller (US) (Global Mission Resources)

v. University of South Africa (Mission and African Christianity)

vi. Yale University (US)(Mission History and World Christianity Resources)


c. Mission Associations


i. American Society of Church Growth|

ii. American Society of Missiology (ASM)

iii. Evangelical Society of Missiology

iv. International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS)

v. The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

vi. SEDOS (Roman Catholic)

vii. South African Missiological Society

viii. World Evangelical Fellowship


d. Publishers


i. Mission and Evangelization


1. Abingdon Press

2. Baker Book House

3. Broadman & Holman

4. Christian Book Distributors

5. Fortress Press

6. MARC Publications

7. Moody Press

8. NavPress

9. Orbis Books

10. Oxford University Press

11. Smith & Helwys

12. Westminster Press

13. William B. Eerdmans Publishers

14. William Carey Press

15. Zondervan Press

16. Other Christian Publishers


ii. World Religions


1. Association of American University Presses

2. Cambridge University Press

3. Harper-Collins Publishers

4. Macmillan Publishers

5. Mayfield Publishing Company

6. Oneworld Publications

7. Orbis Books

8. Oxford University Press


iii. Mission Journals


1. Evangelical Missions Quarterly

2. International Bulletin of Missionary Research

3. Journal of Applied Missiology

4. Occassional Bulletin of the Evangelical Missiological Society

5. Missiology (ASM)

6. Missionalia (SAMS)

7. Mission Studies (IAMS)

8. Urban Mission Journal


iv. Reference Books


1. Cambridge University Press

2. Macmillan Publishers

3. MARC Publishers

4. Orbis Books

5. Oxford University Press


e. Christian Links Outside of North America and Europe


i. African Enterprise

ii. Middle Eastern Council of Churches

iii. New Zealand Baptist Mission Society

iv. Society of African Missions (Philippines)

v. South African Council of Churches

vi. South African Missiological Society


f. Other Christian Sites


i. Missiology Research Sites through American Society of Missiology