Photo of students in the Human Performance Lab

Carolina Chiropractic Plus Human Performance Laboratory

The Carolina Chiropractic Plus Human Performance Laboratory is a 1500 square foot facility housed in the Suttle Wellness center. The facility contains teaching, laboratory, and physical assessment spaces that allow Exercise Science students to move seamlessly between theoretical and experiential environments. Laboratory equipment includes but is not limited to ECG, Spirometry, Parvomedics Metabolic analysis, BodPod, and Dartfish movement analysis.

The Chiropractic Plus Human Performance Laboratory has four primary goals: 

  1. To provide professional and experiential learning experiences for Exercise Science Students.
  2. To collaborate with faculty and staff for the purpose of improving healthy lifestyle habits.
  3. To respond to the needs performance athletes on campus at the request of the department of athletics.
  4. To reach out to the community on the platform of Service Learning in order to improve healthy lifestyle habits.
Photo of Skeleton in Exercise Science Lab Photo of Students Jumping in Exercise Science Lab