Current Majors

Charity Byrum (2015)

Concentration: Pre-Professional

Career Goals: After I graduate I plan on going on to graduate school to earn my Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. I hope to work in a pediatric hospital or in the public school setting as an occupational therapist for special needs children.

Coursework: I have enjoyed and been challenged in all of my courses within the EXSI program at Gardner-Webb University.

Lab: The laboratory experiences have been some of my favorite during my studies at Gardner-Webb. Students in the EXSI program have the opportunity to use equipment that students in most undergraduate programs only get to read about. My senior year, I have had the opportunity to have more hands-on experience as a lab teaching assistant for the exercise physiology lab courses. This practicum experience has made a huge impact on my technical abilities with the lab equipment and given me great confidence in handling data.

Service: Our EXSI program at Gardner-Webb University is very devoted to using our knowledge and skills to help the community. During my junior year, my seminar class provided the local YMCA with a free health screening booth set up in their lobby on a Saturday morning. In addition, for many of the classes in the program, we have a service-learning experience that is performed outside of class. For this requirement each semester, I was able to volunteer at a local school for special needs children. Not only was this an awesome experience for learning about my future profession, but I was also incredibly blessed by the relationships that I formed with teachers, therapists, and students during the experience. Service is one of my favorite emphases of the EXSI program.

Internship: The summer leading up to my senior year, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at an occupational therapy clinic called OT4Kids near my hometown. It is difficult to describe just how much I learned during the internship process. I was able to add occupational therapy skills to my repertoire, learn how to document a therapy session, and practice working in a professional environment. I am confident that this experience will put me ahead of my peers applying to occupational therapy school.

GWU: My experience at Gardner-Webb has been an incredible time of growth. I have grown immensely in my relationship with Christ as well as my academic abilities. The people here make the Gardner-Webb experience unique and special. I have been challenged by friends, professors, and coaches to become a better me. I would not trade the past few years that I have had at Gardner-Webb University. 8. Staff/faculty: Dr. Hartman and Dr. Granniss have been an integral part of my experience in the EXSI program. They are always willing to answer my questions and help me work through problems with classes, my future career, or life in general. I am so thankful for their contribution to my academic career.

Mary O’Doherty (2015)

Concentration: Pre-Professional

Career Goals: I intend to attend Physical Therapy School and acquire my doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Coursework: The major classes for Exercise Science are very discussion based, which is something I really like. I have truly enjoyed how hands on the curriculum is in the Exercise Science program.

Lab: Dr. Hartman and Dr. Granniss encourage use of the lab equipment so that we can learn and experience as much as possible.

Service: In my service experience I have really gained a lot of real-life knowledge about the field I want to be a part of (Physical Therapy) as well as made some great connections and found some things I am not very interested in.

Internship: I was an intern this summer at a Physical Therapy clinic and loved every second of it. I really got to see what it is that a Physical Therapist does and have found that it is definitely the field for me. Not to mention I have some great letters of recommendation from the therapists I worked with!

GWU: I love Gardner-Webb for the family atmosphere on the campus. Virtually every staff member, professors and others, care about who you are as a human being. It's really great to have such nice people everywhere you look.

Staff/faculty: I have a great relationship with Dr. Hartman, he is my advisor and I have been in many of his classes. I have even been over to his house for dinner! Dr. Hartman is definitely one of those professors who truly cares about his students, their well-being, and their education. I am so happy to be a part of the Exercise Science Major at Gardner-Webb!