Applying for Writing-Intensive Designation

Students in the classroom

Steps in the Process of Submitting a Course to the Writing-Intensive Designation Course Committee:

Please note that until Fall 2017, all submissions are sent to the QEP Committee, care of Dr. Cheryl Duffus, QEP Director. Since the Writing-Intensive Course Designation Committee will not exist until Fall 2017, the QEP Committee will handle the approval process until then.

The following steps should be followed to submit a course for Writing-Intensive approval.

  1. The instructor who wishes to submit a course for Writing-Intensive Designation must first complete the required professional development provided by the university.
  2. After completing professional development, if needed, the instructor can meet with the Chair of the Writing-Intensive Designated Course Committee for an initial review of how the proposed course will meet WI SLOs.
  3. Faculty should use the submission form available on the QEP Bb Organization. After completing the initial professional development, faculty are automatically added to this Bb Organization.
  4. The Writing-Intensive Designated Course Committee is available to assist faculty in preparing this form.
  5. The instructor will submit the Writing-Intensive course request form and a course syllabus to the Writing-Intensive Designated Course Committee.
  6. If the course is approved by the Writing-Intensive Designated Course Committee as a Writing-Intensive Designated Course, it will be reported to:
    • The instructor who submitted the course
    • The General Education Committee (Tiers One and Two) or the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (Tier Three)
    • The appropriate Associate Provost,
    • The Registrar’s Office, and
    • The appropriate Dean/Chair
  7. In the event a course is not approved, guidance will be provided for the instructor to revise and resubmit.