Transfer Credit

**Applies to Undergraduates only. Graduate students should consult the appropriate Graduate office for assistance. Click here for the Transfer Credit form for Graduate and MBA Students.


New Transfer Students

Students transferring from accredited two-year colleges may transfer up to 64 credit hours. An additional 64 credit hours must be taken on the senior college level, with the final 32 credit hours for graduation taken at Gardner-Webb.

Students transferring from accredited four-year colleges may transfer up to 96 credit hours. For a bachelor's degree, the final 32 credit hours for graduation must be taken at Gardner-Webb. Candidates for the associate's degree must take their final 24 hours at Gardner-Webb.

Credit may be transferred only for courses in which the student has earned a C (2.0) or better. The student must meet graduation requirements for the total number of hours required.

Courses accepted as transfer credit are recorded with grades, grade points, and quality points. However, the grade point average for graduation is computed on academic credit earned at Gardner-Webb. The Registrar interprets the transfer policy and certifies students for graduation.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Database

Current Students

Students who plan to take courses at other institutions during a regular term or summer session must have the prior written permission of the Registrar. An online Request to Recognize Transient Credit form must be completed for approval. The Registrar will give permission for work only in fully accredited institutions. Credit is only approved for courses of college level which also are credited toward graduation by the institution conducting the summer school. After completion of such courses, the student must request that an official transcript be sent to the Registrar at Gardner-Webb University.

The "Request to Recognize Transient Credit" form is located within Webb Connect under the "Registration" tab.  This form is completed and submitted online to Registrar Services for processing. The course requested must be course work credited toward graduation. A student will receive confirmation of the request via their Gardner-Webb University email address.

The last 24 hours of student for an Associate of Science degree and the last 32 hours for all Bachelor degree's must be completed at Gardner-Webb University per the University Academic policy.  This policy may be found in the Gardner-Webb University Undergraduate and Degree Completion Program catalogs under the heading of "Institutional Credit Policy."  Appeal of this rule is completed by completing the "24/32 Hour Waiver Request Form" found within Webb Connect under the "Registration" tab. 


Questions About Your Evaluation

If you are having trouble understanding your evaluation of transfer credits, if you would like to question the way your courses transferred into Gardner-Webb, or you have questions regarding transient credit, please call or email Sherri Jackson at (704)406-4262 or