Course Catalog

School of Nursing

Dean: Rebecca Beck-Little, RN, PhD.


RN to BSN Program Chair: Mary Alice Hodge, RN, PhD.


The RN to BSN Program, a baccalaureate degree completion program, is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing Inc. (ACEN) located at ACEN, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA, 30326, phone: (404) 975-5000 and information may be found on the ACEN website:




Professors: R. Beck-Little, J. Carlton, C. Miller Associate Professor: M.A. Hodge Assistant Professors: T. Arnold, C.Rome, R.Serafica, V. Walker, L. Wines Instructors: A. Garlock, S. Creed-Hall, S. Lane, R. Schoenfeldt, N. Waters, K. Williams



The mission of the School of Nursing is to enhance the health status of the global community by preparing individuals to practice holistic and professional nursing through the provision of student centered programs of study for a diverse population of students that promotes academic excellence within a Christian, private, liberal arts setting utilizing teamwork and community engagement.



  1. Establish a liberal arts educational environment based on Christian values fostering academic excellence, integrity, and a commitment to lifelong learning.
  2. Provide student-centered programs of study based on current national competencies of nursing practice to meet the global health care needs of individuals, groups and communities in which holistic nursing practice, Christian caring, critical thinking, and professionalism are modeled.
  3. Engage in partnerships with community health care facilities in the provision of service learning opportunities for students that includes patient-centered care, evidence-based practice, and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  4. Graduate a diverse population of students who are prepared to practice patient centered nursing care that is culturally competent, holistic and professional within the context of a global environment in a manner that influences nursing and health care policy and practice.



Graduates of the RN to BSN Degree Completion Program will:


  1. Utilize research methodology in the provision of evidence-based practice to individuals, families, and populations in a variety of settings.
  2. Establish partnerships with interdisciplinary teams to meet health needs of clients in a diverse society.
  3. Incorporate professional values and ethical, moral, and legal aspects of health care into their nursing practice.
  4. Employ knowledge of the political system in providing direct and indirect care to clients.
  5. Apply theoretical underpinnings to their nursing practice and research.
  6. Assume personal responsibility and accountability for professional nursing practice.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge of leadership theory and practice.
  8. Be prepared to continue their education to achieve graduate education.



Students applying for admission to the RN to BSN program must apply through the GOAL Admissions Office.




■ Completion of an associate degree with a major in nursing or a hospital diploma nursing program.

■ Graduates of diploma nursing programs may earn a maximum of 40 hours of nursing credit (25 hours applied as basic to baccalaureate nursing courses and 15 hours of nursing electives) upon successful completion of nine hours of nursing through Gardner-Webb University.

■ Current unrestricted RN licensure.

■ One year of nursing experience within the past five years or completion of a nursing program within the past year.

■ Cumulative GPA of 2.5.

■ Submission of urine drug screen prior to clinical or practicum experiences.

■ Immunizations as required by the University and the School of Nursing.

■ Proof of satisfactory criminal background check.


For detailed information on admission, transfer credit, and advanced placement for the RN to BSN program, write or call:


GOAL Admissions Office

Gardner-Webb University

P.O. Box 1896

Boiling Springs, NC 28017

Phone: (704)406-4625


Registered Nurses with a Bachelor’s Degree in another discipline are eligible for admission to the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program. See Graduate Catalog for information or contact the Director of Admissions for Graduate Studies AT 704-406-3987.



The RN to MSN program is designed to allow students to achieve their Baccalaureate degree and work toward their MSN degree. This program of study allows nurses to apply six hours of graduate course credit to the BSN degree. Two courses in the Master of Science in Nursing Program may be substituted for two courses in the RN to BSN Program allowing students to graduate with their BSN degree and complete their MSN Program in 30 additional semester hours of courses. NURS 501 Nursing and Health Care Systems and Issues (3 SH) may be substituted for NURS 303 Trends in Health Care (3 SH), and NURS 503 Perspectives of Caring (3 SH) may be substituted for 3 semester hours of NURS 495 Nursing Elective.



As with all GOAL majors, approximately half of the Nursing track consists of the Core Curriculum of Liberal Arts (see Core Curriculum), providing 30 hours towards the 128 hours required to graduate. (Nursing 307 satisfies the GOAL Core requirements for oral/visual communication and for computer literacy). A student must complete 30 hours in the Nursing Studies Major. The classes particular to the Nursing Studies major, consist of the following:


■ NUR 300, Concepts in Professional Nursing (3 SH)

■ NUR 301, Research in Nursing (3 SH)

■ NUR 302, Health Assessment (4 SH) or NUR 312, Advanced Health Assessment (1 SH)

■ NUR 303, Trends in Health Care (3 SH)

■ NUR 307, Communication Skills in Nursing (3 SH)

■ NUR 403, Leadership/Management in Nursing (4 SH)

■ NUR 409, Senior Seminar (3 SH)

■ NUR 412, Community and Public Health Nursing (4 SH)

■ NUR 415, Community and Public Health Nursing Practicum (2SH)

■ NUR 495, Nursing Elective (1 to 4 SH)


Electives may be selected to meet the 128 semester hour requirement for graduation as needed.



❐ Completion of an Associate Degree with a major in nursing or a hospital diploma nursing program.

❐ Unrestricted RN Licensure


Gardner-Webb Course work:


University Core - See GOAL Curriculum Checksheet



❐ NUR 300❐ NUR 303❐ NUR 412
❐ NUR 301❐ NUR 307❐ NUR 415
❐ NUR 302* or❐ NUR 403❐ NUR 495
❐ NUR 312❐ NUR 409

- Electives to equal 128 semester hours


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