Course Catalog

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Program Objectives

The program objectives for the Master of Divinity degree are to help students know at a rudimentary level the basic body of divinity including:


  • a knowledge of the facts, histories, principles, philosophies, and current discussions in each of the following disciplines: biblical studies, biblical languages, Christian and Baptist history, hermeneutics, homiletics, ethics, philosophy of religion, missiology, evangelism, worship, pastoral ministry, pedagogy, church administration, church policy and denominational organization, psychology, counseling, anthropology, and sociology;
  • a grasp of the various aspects of ministry and how these relate to the needs of church and society;
  • an understanding of personal gifts, talents, and abilities, and how these relate to ministry;
  • a commitment to personal growth and development;
  • the development of a lifestyle of healthy ministry and continuing educational preparation for effective Christian ministry;
  • an understanding and development of expertise in leadership skills, organizational principles, and conflict management;
  • an evaluation and improvement of interpersonal skills; and
  • the ability to write and speak with clarity and persuasiveness.