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Master of Arts - Sport Science and Pedagogy


The Sport Science and Pedagogy program includes thirty semester hours in five components: methodology, science, socio-culture, administration, and elective. The primary focus of the program is instructional expertise in sportrelated settings. The elective component of the program consists of six hours of subject area work that may be programmed to meet the specific needs of individual students. This program does not include recommendation for graduate-level NC teaching licensure.



Admission requirements are the same as those for entry into other master’s degree programs in the Graduate School at Gardner-Webb with one addition. Students without undergraduate coursework in teaching methodology and exercise science/physiology will be required to take pre-approved undergraduate courses in these areas prior to full admission.



Graduate courses for the Master of Arts in Sport Science and Pedagogy are designed to assist in the advanced preparation of individuals who are involved with sport and fitness-related endeavors. These fields of endeavors may include physical education programs, coaching environments, fitness centers, sport clubs, and other physical activity settings. The development of skills will be accomplished through coursework, research, and pedagogical experience. Students will benefit from a synthesis of current and applicable information derived from both theory and practice.



Integrating Christian values, concepts, and ideas, the Master of Arts in Sport Science and Pedagogy is designed to meet the following goals:


  1. Provide in depth study in a carefully selected curriculum specifically intended to foster the development of individual potential for becoming optimally effective in their chosen professions.
  2. Provide advanced preparation for ethical leadership in sport science and pedagogy.
  3. Develop the skills essential for the research of various aspects of sport science and pedagogy.
  4. Develop the capacity to interpret and then apply the findings of research to actual practices.
  5. Develop skills and understanding of the numerous teaching styles used in effective instruction.
  6. Foster a responsibility to make positive change in the student’s chosen profession and the global community.



A. Methodology (6 semester hours)

SPED 600 Research in Sport Pedagogy 3 hrs

SPED 601 Instructional Strategies 3 hrs

B. Science (6 semester hours)

SPED 602 Scientific Principles of Human Performance 3hrs.

SPED 603 Contemporary Concepts of Wellness 3 hrs.

C. Socio-Culture (6 semester hours)

SPED 604 Sport in Society 3 hrs.

SPED 605 Sport and Physical Education for Diverse Populations 3 hrs.

D. Administration (6 semester hours)

SPED 606 Sport and Physical Education Administration 3 hrs.

SPED 607 Legal Issues of Sport and Physical Education 3 hrs.

E. Elective (6 semester hours)

SPED 608 Psychology of Sport 3 hrs.

SPED 609 Supervision and Evaluation of Instruction 3 hrs.

SPED 610 Theories of Motor Development 3 hrs.

SPED 611 Physical Education Seminar 3 hrs.

SPED 555 Special Topics 3 hrs.


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