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Gardner-Webb University offers graduate programs of high quality which prepare students for professional careers. Tuition and fees are kept at reasonable rates and are competitive with the leading universities in the region.



Graduate School
M.S.N. Program


M.A., M.S. Programs$391/hr
F.N.P. Program$546/hr
Ed.D. Program$440/hr
Ed.S. Program$440/hr
D.N.P. Program$682/hr
P.A. Program$10,876/sem
Graduate School of Business
M.B.A., I.M.B.A., M.Acc. Programs$470/hr
MWTM Program$635/hr
M. Christopher White School of Divinity
M.Div. Program$380/hr
D.Min. Program$431/hr



Application Fee (Non-Refundable)$ 40.00
International Student Application Fee (Non-Refundable$100.00
Online/Hybrid Learning Technology Fee (Per Course)

$ 35.00

Task Stream Electronic Portfolio Fee for all Graduate School of Education Students (One-Time Fee, 3-Year License)$ 91.00
Internship Portfolio Reviewer Fee for School of Education Master's of Executive Leadership Studies Program and School Administration Add-On Licensure Program$100.00
Transcript Fee (Per Copy)

$ 15.00

Replacement of I.D. Card$ 10.00
Automobile Registration (Per Year)

$ 50.00

Audit Fee (Per Course)


Credit By Exam Credit (Per Credit Hour)


Graduation Application Fee


Late Graduate Application Fee


Non-Payment Fee$100.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee$ 30.00
Private Music Instruction: Piano, Voice, Organ, and/or Instrumental
      One 1/2 Hour Lesson/Week
      Two 1/2 Hour Lessons/Week
(More than two lessons per week will be billed at $100 per half hour of additional instruction time.)



Transient Credit Fee (Per Course)$ 50.00
Thesis Fee


Dissertation Fee




Payment to accredited providers of CPE is the responsibility of the student. This payment is to be made through the Gardner-Webb University Student Account's Office. Registration for course credit for DSPC 200 is through the School of Divinity.



Registration in the University is considered a contract binding the student for charges for the entire semester. However, it is the policy of Gardner-Webb University to give pro-rata charge reductions through 60% of the enrollment period in the event a student OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWS FROM SCHOOL. To withdraw, a student must complete and submit the Withdrawal Form on the Registrar Services website. A confirmation will be sent when the withdrawal is complete. The withdrawal date is the date this process begins.


Reductions will be computed on total charges for tuition, room and board but not on fees. Students leaving school for disciplinary reasons will not be eligible for any reduction and will be liable for the entire semester’s charges. Students who withdraw from individual classes after the drop/add period will receive no charge reduction.


For purposes of interpreting this policy the pro-rata charge reduction percentage is equal to the number of calendar days (includes weekends) remaining in the semester divided by the number of calendar days in the semester. No charge reduction will be given after the 60% period of enrollment for the semester.


When a student’s charges are reduced, Federal, State, Institutional and Non-institutional Aid will be adjusted in accordance with the regulations governing the respective programs. Please contact the University Student Account's Office for current regulations concerning these programs. Leaving the University without officially withdrawing may result in a student forfeiting all financial aid and, thus, becoming responsible for the entire balance.



A student with outstanding financial obligations may be prevented from registering for the following semester. A student will not be allowed to participate in commencement exercises or receive a diploma, nor will transcripts be released, until all financial obligations are satisfied. Delinquent accounts may be referred to collection agencies and/or credit bureaus. Financial obligations include, but are not limited to, student account balance, parking, disciplinary and library fines, and returned checks.