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Student Services


The Gardner-Webb Student has ready access to a number of online services including financial aid, email, registration, online courses, campus announcements, emergency and informational text messaging, and unofficial transcripts through the WebbConnect portal, available at www.gardner-webb.edu. Access to the Internet is provided through computer labs and wireless networks on the main, Charlotte, and Statesville campuses.



Gardner-Webb University is committed to the education of the whole person. This includes the mind, the body, and the spirit. To this end, the University considers the student’s activities outside the classroom to be very important. These activities and others help the student to develop social and interpersonal skills, deepen spiritual commitments, explore career opportunities, formulate a philosophy of life, develop leadership skills and develop sound ethical and moral principles.


The Division of Student Development consists of the departments of Career Development, Student Leadership Development, Community Engagement, Housing and Residence Education, University Police, Counseling Center, Student Activities, Campus Recreation, and New Student Orientation.



The Career Development Office is dedicated to serving Gardner-Webb students and alumni with an emphasis on two fundamental roles - aiding in career exploration & self-discovery and providing a myriad of resources to aid in the job search process. All Gardner-Webb students and alumni are eligible for the vast array of services including use of FOCUS, a computerized guidance system, resume writing assistance, and job listing services. The Career Development Office also sponsors educational workshops, career planning events, and several career fairs throughout the year, again open to all current students and alumni.


The Career Development Office also administers an online resume referral and job listing service. All students are required to register with career services during their freshman year. Registration is simple using the Bulldog Network. Students complete a registration section and transfer their resumes to our database, which prospective employers can use to search for potential candidates. For a complete listing of upcoming events and current job postings, visit the website at www.gardner-webb.edu, and click on student life and career development. Bookmark the site and visit often, as the contents of the site changes often.


Employers are an integral part of career services. However, the Career Development Office reserves the right to refuse employers with discriminatory hiring practices. The office will also make decisions regarding third-person employers and on campus recruitment.



The Office of Community Engagement houses the Service Learning and Volunteer programs in order to provide all members of the Gardner-Webb community with meaningful service opportunities. Each year Gardner-Webb students, faculty and staff volunteer their time and talents to the surrounding community through various campus wide volunteer programs. These annual programs include the Volunteer Discovery, canned food drive, Relay for Life, make a Difference Day and others. In addition to providing campus wide service programs, the office also serves as a resource center and clearinghouse for volunteer information. Interested individuals and groups may visit the office or go online to receive information on various on-going and one time service opportunities. Interested faculty members who would like to add a Service Learning component to their syllabus should contact the Office of Community Engagement. Service leadership opportunities are available to students through REACH, a student organization which networks campus involvement in community service for individuals and groups.



The University Counseling Center is staffed by a team of professionals trained in education and counseling who want to assist students in coping with difficulties and make the most of their opportunities for success.


The University Counseling Center adheres to the code of ethics of the American Counseling Association and operates within a Christian perspective. All Services provided are confidential and no information will be given to others without the consent of the individual.


The University Counseling Center provides services to students, faculty and staff in a concerned, caring, and confidential setting. Services are provided to assist students in defining and accomplishing personal and academic goals. The services include:


  • High quality individual and group counseling to individuals who may be experiencing psychological or behavioral difficulties.
  • Programming focused on the development needs of college students to maximize the potential of students to benefit from the academic environment and experience.
  • Consultation to the institution to make the environment as beneficial to the intellectual, emotional and physical development of students as possible.
  • Appointments may be made by contacting the Counseling Center. Referrals to local community agencies may be made if needed.



Gardner-Webb University is committed to the spiritual growth of each of its students. The staff of the Office of Christian Life and Service provides Christian ministry to the Gardner-Webb family. Students in need of pastoral care may call (704) 406-4277 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



(Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday)


The Campus Shop, located on the ground floor of the Tucker Student Center, provides all books needed by students for their courses of study. Students should order textbooks on-line (or pick them up at the Campus Shop) for all classes. Go to the Campus Shop’s home page at www.gardner-webb.edu/shop. Click on "Textbooks." Follow prompts provided to order textbooks. If students have problems or questions with purchasing books, contact the Campus Shop at (704) 406-4273 or email at bookstore@gardner-webb.edu.


Book buy-back is conducted near the Campus Shop at the end of each semester. The Buyback schedule is posted on the Campus Shop website under the “Book Buyback” link.


The Campus Shop has an online store for all of those who cannot make it to campus within store hours. Go to the Campus Shop’s home page at www.shop.gardner-webb.edu and click on the “Bulldog Merchandise” link provided. This link will direct you to our online ordering site. The Campus Shop offers an assortment of Gardner-Webb paraphernalia. From hats to tailgating supplies, the Campus Shop has most everything you could ask for.


Class rings, graduation announcements, and graduation regalia (cap, gown, hood, and tassel) are available online at www.shop.jostens.com. All dates, times, and places that Jostens will be on campus will be posted on the main Campus Shop webpage. Class ring brochures are available upon request at the regular university telephone number (704) 406-4273.




The University Police Department is a multi-functional service agency whose primary purpose is to protect the University community and enforce N.C. state law. Full-time officers are professionals who have been certified, and sworn by the N.C. Attorney General office. Services provided by the department include traffic control, engraving, educational seminars, a 24-hour emergency number, vehicle entry service for “lock-outs,” vehicle “jump-starts,” and escort service on campus. Officers patrol the entire campus on foot, segways, and in marked/unmarked campus police vehicles.


The University Police Department is located in the Poston Center and operates on a 24-hour basis. The Poston Center also functions as a reception center seven days per week.



All motorized vehicles operated on Gardner-Webb property must be registered with the University Police office and display a valid permit. Main campus Graduate students must obtain permits. Students register vehicles by logging into WebbConnect and following the links to vehicle registration. The University Police department is located in the Poston Center and operates on a 24-hour basis. The Poston Center also functions as a reception center Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. and Sundays 2:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.



Graduate students should acquire a Gardner-Webb University identification card. The ID card may be used in connection with other University services or activities. Students on the main campus should go to the Poston Center to have their photo identification card processed. Students at the Charlotte campus will have the identification card delivered to their class during the first week of the term. Students at other sites will receive their identification card either by their professor or mail.



This day is one of the highlights of the year and the time for class reunions. The Alumni Association honors outstanding alumni at this occasion.



Homecoming takes place in the fall, bringing back to the campus many former students. Entertainment includes a tennis tournament, football game, and other festivities. Special activities are scheduled during the week for students.



During the Christmas season at Gardner-Webb we call upon others in the community to join us in ushering in Advent and anticipating Christmas. Our traditional celebration, featuring the University choirs, is held in late November or early December and is called Festival of Lights.



Gardner-Webb University is a community of students, faculty and staff who are dedicated to learning and personal development in an environment of Christian concern. As in any community, certain standards of conduct are necessary to protect the safety, rights, health and general well-being of all members of the community. The University strives to promote concern for the good of the entire group as opposed to selfish individualism.


Each person whether student, faculty or staff voluntarily joins the University community and thus is expected to abide by rules and regulations that have been adopted to insure reasonable standards of conduct. The prohibited behavior code describes conduct which the University does not tolerate. By enrolling in the University, each student agrees to abide by University rules, regulations, and expectations. The Board of Trustees has approved minimum penalties for certain of the prohibited behaviors. The University assures fundamental fairness to any student accused of involvement in prohibited behavior.


The Undergraduate Student Handbook describes the prohibited behavior code and the judicial process used in the event that a student becomes involved in prohibited behavior. The Handbook is also available online and at the office of Student Development.


Gardner-Webb University supports and is fully committed to the concept of a drug and alcohol free campus community. In order to comply with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989, Gardner-Webb publishes the following and makes it available to each student.


(1) The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of controlled substances such as but not limited to the following:


Narcotics (heroin, morphine,etc.)

Cannabis (marijuana, hashish, etc.)

Stimulants (cocaine, diet pills, etc.)

Depressants (tranquilizers, etc.)

Hallucinogens (PCP, LSD, designer drugs, etc.)

Designer (MDA, MDA-known as ecstasy, ice, etc.)



is prohibited by students on Gardner-Webb University’s property or as any part of the university’s activities. As a condition of enrollment, Gardner-Webb University students will abide by these terms.


(2) Gardner-Webb will impose disciplinary sanctions on students who violate the terms of paragraph 1, above. Upon conviction, the appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the University and/or satisfactory participation in a drug and alcohol abuse assistance or rehabilitation program approved for such purposes by a Federal, State, or local health, law enforcement, or other appropriate agency, will be taken. More specific penalties are outlined in the Gardner-Webb University Student Handbook. Violations may also be referred to the appropriate civil authorities for prosecution under local, state, and federal law.


(3) Local, state, and federal laws prohibit the possession, and distribution of illicit drugs, alcohol and weapons. The applicable legal sanctions for various offenses are listed in the North Carolina Criminal Law and Procedure book, a reference copy of which is maintained by the University’s Campus Police Department.


(4) Information describing the health risks associated with the illicit drugs and abuse of alcohol is made available to all students. Additional information and individual counseling is available through the University’s Counseling Center. If necessary and at the student’s expense, referral can be made to an outside agency.


(5) Local, state, and federal law prohibits the possession of weapons on campus. These laws supersede any statutes which allow the possession of a concealed weapon by permit. G.S. 14.269.2


Persons infected with a communicable disease will not be excluded from initial enrollment or employment or restricted in their access to University facilities or services unless a medically based judgment by the primary care physician in consultation with the University’s physician establishes that exclusion or restriction is necessary to the welfare of the infected individual or the welfare of other members of the University community. Additionally, persons who know, or have reasonable basis for believing, that they are infected by a communicable disease are encouraged to share that information, on a confidential basis, with the physician, so that the University may make reasonable accommodations that will respond to their health and educational needs.

Persons who know, or have reasonable basis for believing, they are infected with a communicable disease are encouraged to seek expert advice about their health circumstances and are obligated, ethically and legally, to conduct themselves responsibly in accordance with such knowledge for the protection of other members of the university community.