Course Catalog

Christian Life and Service

The Office of Christian Life and Service advances the Christian and Baptist identity of the University and nurtures students, faculty and staff in the development of a mature Christian faith. Varied opportunities are provided for expressing that faith through service to God and humanity. The major areas of focus which are part of the Office of Christian Life and Service include Student Ministries, Pastoral Care, Dimensions, Missions, The Center for Christian Ethcis and Leadership, and the President’s Council on Faith, Service, Leadership & the Spiritual Life of the University.



Through student ministry organizations, students are encouraged and challenged in personal discipleship, corporate worship, and life-changing ministry and mission experiences.


Campus Ministries United (CMU) is the student ministry of Gardner-Webb University. The CMU Council consists of the student leaders of each CMU ministry. They work together with GWU’s ministerial staff in prayer, discipleship, and relationship-building to promote a passionate and enduring devotion to Christ among the student body. CMU Council members, FOCUS team leaders, and Small Groups leaders compose the Leadership Team. These student leaders are committed to faithfully following God’s leadership in their positions of service. Opportunities for involvement in student ministries include FOCUS, the Verge, Prison Fellowship, International Student Ministry, Athletic Ministries, Small Groups, FCA and Gospel Choir.



While Gardner-Webb University is committed to excellence in academics, it is equally committed to the spiritual care of students, faculty and staff. The staff of the Office of Christian Life and Service provides pastoral ministry to the Gardner-Webb family including the following:


  • Pastoral care to students, faculty, and staff;
  • Various experiences in corporate worship;
  • Vocational counseling and ministry referral to students interested in church-related vocations;
  • Assistance in finding a place of worship, particularly to students as they seek a local church with which to affiliate.



Dimensions is a weekly series of programs designed to nurture persons spiritually, intellectually and culturally in the context of the Christian faith and to promote a sense of community. Consequently, the three primary objectives are (1) to provide opportunities for spiritual growth through worship experiences and programs of a religious nature; (2) to enhance the academic program of the University by providing opportunities for intellectual and cultural enrichment and to include programs of an academic nature as well as dramatic, musical and other cultural events; and (3) to promote a sense of community by regularly bringing together students, faculty, staff and friends of the University.


Programs are usually held on Tuesday mornings in the Porter Arena or the Dover Theater. Dimensions guidelines and policies are listed on the Academic Regulations pages in the academic catalog.



The Office of Christian Life and Service has a long-standing commitment to the global mission of God. In addition to local mission opportunities coordinated through Student Ministries, mission trips are offered during fall, spring and summer breaks. Furthermore, a Dimensions program in September is devoted to missions. Upcoming mission trips are announced at this program and applications are made available to students. Recent North American mission trip destinations include Canada, Hawaii, Florida, Wisconsin, California, New Mexico, Alabama, and Louisiana. Recent international mission trip destinations have included Guatemala, Honduras, Germany, Nicaragua, Russia, Ireland, Romania, and South Africa.



The Center for Christian Ethics and Leadership promotes a commitment to service and leadership, across the disciplines and in the surrounding professional community, by awakening and fueling a sense of social responsibility through Christian ethical reflection. Themed symposia, collaboration with faculty and student organizations, and a multimodal online presence, undergird the Center's guiding principles which are as follows:


  • to nurture a sense of morality by illuminating the processes of Christian ethical reflection
  • to encourage a commitment to service in the broadest sense
  • to promote leadership development.



The President’s Council on Faith, Service Leadership & the Spiritual Life of the University is appointed by the President of Gardner-Webb University and includes student, faculty, staff, and alumni representation. The Council regularly evaluates the following strategic initiatives of the University:


  • Emphasize the University’s strong Christian identity and mission;
  • Provide for students and the entire University community an environment conducive to and supportive of spiritual growth;
  • Work toward greater integration of Christian commitment and academic excellence;
  • Confirm the University’s mission and values and clarify the University’s identity with focus upon Faith, Service and Leadership