Course Catalog

First-Year Programs

Jessica Herndon, Director



Keeping with the mission of Gardner-Webb University, the First-Year Experience course is designed to help students make a successful transition to university life by fostering a sense of community; nurturing development of faith; inspiring a love of learning and service-based leadership; encouraging interdisciplinary thinking; and promoting success in academic skills.



  1. Develop in students an appreciation for and knowledge of the purpose of a liberal arts university education.
  2. Enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of the diversity of the university community.
  3. Help students understand the mission statement/purpose of Gardner-Webb University.
  4. Orient students to and promote involvement in co-curricular activities, student organization and the university community in general.
  5. Assist students in developing relationships within the university environment.
  6. Acquaint students with appropriate study strategies for success in college.
  7. Develop habits of intentionality and a sense of personal efficacy.
  8. Foster a commitment to life-long self-examination and reflection.
  9. Promote character development and personal integrity.


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