Canon Camcorders (SON)

Canon DC10 DVD Camcorder
These sessions were held with SON faculty when these camcorders were purchased.
There are currently no additional sessions scheduled at this time.

Overview: This workshop is designed to familiarize instructors or staff with the Canon DC10 DVD Camcorders purchased for students to use to video-capture their nursing skills. The basic functions of the camera will be demonstrated so attendees are comfortable and famliar with the camera's operations. This workshop will provide time for hands-on participation and exploration of the equipment by attendees.
Topics Covered:
Powering on/off equipment
Capabilities of camera
Inserting/removing DVDs
Recording and playing back of video
Finalizing discs for DVD players
Using the camcorder's software to edit recordings and make copies
Preparing the camcorder for the next use

Outcomes Achieved:
Familiarity of the camcorder's capabilities
Confidence and ability to use, or show students how to use, the camcorder for its intended purpose

More information about this camcorder, including a product tour and 360 degree views, can be found on Canon's web site.