Technology Services

Campus Computer Labs

Belk/Ellis Computer Lab

Belk/Ellis computer lab, configured with 37 Windows computers, is located on the main floor of the Dover Memorial Library. The lab is equipped with the latest in multimedia technology, with full Internet and e-mail access. This lab may be reserved by faculty and staff by contacting Karen Ivey in the library at ext. 4290.


Carpenter Computer Lab

Carpenter computer lab is located in room 308 on the third floor of Lindsay Hall and primarily serves the Divinity, Nursing, Psychology, and Religion programs. The lab has 32 Windows computers configured with full Internet and e-mail access, Microsoft Office 2007, nursing software, and SPSS 16.0 statistics software available for student use.


Charlotte Computer Lab

This lab is located at our Charlotte campus in Charlotte, North Carolina serves as primary support for the university's graduate and GOAL programs.  The lab has Microsoft Office 2007 and SPSS 16.0 installed and provides full Internet and e-mail access.  For lab availability, Belinda McDonald may be reached at the Charlotte campus by phoning (704) 941-5209.


Communications/Macintosh Computer Lab

The Communications lab is the only Macintosh lab on campus and primarily supports the growing Communications program. The lab has 21 Macintosh computers installed with Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe GoLive, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Office 2004 as the main software offerings with full Internet and e-mail capability. The Mac lab is located in room 118 in Communications Studies Hall.

Hours of Open-Lab Operation
Contact Bob Carey ext. 3803

Craig Computer Lab

Craig lab is located in room 208 on the second floor of Craig Hall and primarily serves as a technology tool for the Education and English departments. The lab has 25 Windows computers configured with various programs supporting student writing and the teacher education program. Software in the lab includes Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Publisher, and SPSS 16.0 statistics software. Additionally, the lab has full Internet and e-mail access available to students.

Fine Arts/Music Lab

The Fine Arts/Music Computer Lab, housed in 106 Gardner Hall is designed for use by music majors and minors. The lab contains five Mac computers with headphones and/or speakers, two (2) synthesizers, two (2) additional MIDI keyboard controllers, a scanner, and printers. A variety of music theory, ear-training, sequencing, notation, and reference software is available, as well as a choral music database.

Hamrick 107 Computer Lab

Hamrick 107 is one of only two multimedia computer labs on campus. Its 25 Windows 7 computers, with full Internet and email access, support the Broyhill School of Management and the MBA classroom environments. The lab is available to classes only and is not open for general use. Software used in the lab includes Microsoft Office 2007 Professional and SPSS statistical software.

Statesville Computer Lab

The Statesville computer lab at the Iredell Center is designed to provide instructional support for the university's off-campus undergraduate and graduate programs offering Microsoft Office 2007 software packages. The lab also has full Internet and email access, and contains a variety of miscellaneous programs, such as accounting software for the CPA Review course. The lab has 25 Windows computers and is located on our campus in Statesville, North Carolina.

Lab is available additional hours in the evening by contacting security at Iredell Center    

* Open Lab times are subject to change

Winston-Salem Computer Lab

Located in our Winston-Salem center, this small lab houses seven Windows computers with Microsoft Office 2007, and full Internet and e-mail access.  Please contact Dr. Mickey Metcalf at (336) 831-1904 for lab availability.  


Withrow Computer Lab

Located in room 116 on the first floor of Withrow Hall, the lab is comprised of 25 Windows computers. The lab functions primarily in support of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Science majors and includes full Internet and email access. Software programs in the lab include C++, Java, SPSS 16.0, Microsoft Office 2007, and Microsoft Visual Studio.