Graduates in Executive Management

The Graduates in Executive Management (GEM) program at Gardner-Webb University presents a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines to learn meaningful business experience in the classroom. Under the tutelage of professors with corporate experience as chief executive officers, chief operating officers, judges or managing partners of major business or public sector organizations, students will enjoy an enhanced status in the hiring market as management-track employees. A one-time fee of $3,495.00 is required to finance the GEM student's international educational experience, executive retreat weekends, and other initiatives of the program. Undergraduate GEM students who earn a 3.0 GPA and graduate students who earn a 3.2 GPA will receive a GEM certificate along with his or her diploma at graduation.


Program Guide

To prosper in a business, a student should have a unique advantage over the competition. Businesses are very desirous of hiring College / University graduates who have a higher level of management training and expertise. The Gardner-Webb University GEM Program provides business students with a unique hiring advantage over other universities’ graduates. To take advantage of this outstanding program, GWU students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Take at least five business courses from a GEM professor, who are former/current corporate CEOs / COOs, superior court judges or senior executives all having terminal degrees. The overseas trip counts as one course. 
  2. Earn a cumulative 3.0 GPA upon graduation. 
  3. Participate in a GWU international study/tour experience at a Swiss or other similar European University, which includes 9-10 days of classroom instruction, business tours, and written analysis. GEM students may receive 3 hours of GWU academic credit for the trip.
  4. Prior to graduation, attend a two-day weekend retreat at North Carolina resort hosted by GWU where outside current CEOs/COOs and judges will instruct students on corporate entry and offer some job interviews. Complete additional business case papers. 
  5. Pay a one-time fee of $3,495.00 to finance the international educational experience, GEM executive retreat, and other initiatives of the GEM program. 
  6. Upon graduation receive, along with the diploma, a GEM certificate endorsing the expanded GEM educational experience. 
  7. GEM students are in the classroom daily being taught by someone who has actually accomplished the ultimate to which most business students now aspire.