Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Gardner-Webb University School of Business web page. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our school, program, and faculty.


One of the most important decisions anyone makes in life is which vocation to pursue; closely followed by the decision of where to prepare for that vocation. In exploring web sites, you are probably seeking help in making these two decisions. Let me tell you how Gardner-Webb University and the School of Business can help you with the decision-making.


First, let me assure you that not everyone one is certain of his or her academic major upon entering the University. Often, certainty comes with exposure to and experience with a broad variety of courses. Through its core curriculum and its Career Services Department, Gardner-Webb provides opportunities for you to explore your potential for specific career alternatives.


Courses of Study

In trying to determine which vocation you should pursue, the School of Business can offer you insight and opportunity in a variety of areas. We prepare students for careers across the spectrum of business disciplines; from traditional areas like Accounting and Finance, to "hot" disciplines such as Management Information Systems and International Business. We also offer disciplines that are not taught at every university. Our Sport Management major, offered jointly by the School of Business and the Department of Physical Education, Wellness, and Sport Studies, has become one of our most popular areas of study. The Sport Management major prepares students for employment by professional athletic organizations and by public or private athletic facilities. Students who are interested in being coaches, club professionals, or in running athletic facilities are finding this to be a beneficial major.



The faculty members in the School of Business hold both the academic and professional credentials to offer the quality of education that you seek. Our diverse business faculty have degrees from top universities across the United States. Additionally, most faculty members have significant professional experience to lend understanding and application to the theories that they teach. The experience of our faculty includes engineering, sales, legal counsel, technical writing, line management, and senior management. This experience comes from such diverse industries as oil and gas refining, consumer product manufacturing and sales, industrial product manufacturing and sales, restaurant management, health care administration, and consulting. Nearly half of our faculty have lived and worked overseas. Both the domestic and the international experience allow us to give our students a well-rounded perspective on the theories and practices of business.


In addition to being highly qualified through academic and professional experience, our faculty is dedicated to the teaching/learning process. The small class size and low faculty-to-student ratio encourages faculty and students to get to know each other. Faculty members take a personal interest in the performance and success of our students. They address the needs of students as individuals and tailor the instruction so that it will give students the opportunity to master the concepts that will serve as the foundations of a lifetime of learning.


Other Activities and Experiences

The School of Business offers a variety of opportunities outside of the classroom. You may choose to complete an internship with one of the companies in our area, to study or travel abroad through the University, or to take advantage of our Campus New York program. You may also want to pursue a leadership position in student organizations such as Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) or the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Program. This year the SIFE organization won the Southeast Regional competition and competed favorably in the national competition. A variety of organizations and classes take advantage of Gardner-Webb's Broyhill Adventure Course - allowing you to learn and stretch your skills and confidence through participating in climbing and other team building exercises. All of the mentioned opportunities, plus additional ones, can help you develop yourself into the type of individual that is attractive to prospective employers.


Character, Ethics, and Principle

An underlying theme of ethics and personal character is inherent in all business classes and opportunities. This desirable attribute was formally recognized when Gardner-Webb University was named to the John Templeton Foundation's Honor Roll for Character-Building Colleges and Universities. The instruction and activities in the School of Business reflects that recognition.


Please consider the School of Business at Gardner-Webb University as you make your decisions on which vocation is best for you and where to prepare for that vocation. We can help you develop yourself and your skills to successfully engage in a variety of vocations related to business. Please contact me, or any faculty member, for further information about the School of Business.


Thank you for considering us in these very important decisions you are making.


Dr. Anthony Negbenebor

Dean, Godbold School of Business