Your MSN/MBA dual degree combines nursing leadership with a working knowledge of business and managerial skills.

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Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Nursing

The MSN/MBA dual degree program is a 63-semester-hour program. This interdisciplinary program combines nursing leadership with a working knowledge of business and managerial skills.


Academic Curriculum for the MSN/MBA

Dual degree students must apply to the Graduate School as well as to the Graduate School of Business, following the admission requirements of the respective programs, and be accepted to each in order to pursue both degrees. Also, when academic policies and standards differ between the two schools, the policies and standards of the appropriate school apply to the respective portion of the dual degree. Candidates for the dual degree must complete the requirements for both degrees prior to graduation.


A. Nursing component, in addition to the required common core:

NURS 606: Nursing Economics and Finance (3 hrs.)

NURS 607: Administration of Nursing and Health Care Organizations (3 hrs.)

NURS 616: Advanced Nursing Specialty Practicum (6 hrs.)

NURS 610: Thesis (3 hrs.)

NURS 612: Thesis (3 hrs.)


B. Business courses

ACCT 600: Managerial Accounting (3 hrs.)

BADM 610: Managerial Economics (3 hrs.)

BADM 620: Managerial Finance (3 hrs.)

BADM 625: Marketing Management (3 hrs.)

BADM 630: Organizational Behavior (3 hrs.)

BADM 633: Entrepreneurial Management (3 hrs.)

BADM 635: Production and Operations Management (3 hrs.)

BADM 640: Business Law and Ethics (3 hrs.)

INTL 650: International Business (3 hrs.)

BADM 690: Strategic Management Capstone (3 hrs.)

Elective Restricted to BADM or INTL courses (6 hrs.)


If a person has already completed the MBA degree and wants an MSN/MBA degree he/she must complete the fifteen hours of the MSN core, six hours of the Nursing Administration Concentration and twelve hours of the Capstone Experience.


If a person has an MSN degree in Nursing Administration and wants an MSN/MBA degree, he/she must complete thirty hours of the MBA core courses, in addition to the three hours of MBA courses already completed within the MSN program.


Should a student choose not to pursue one of the degrees to completion, he or she will be responsible for paying any difference in the per course rate(s) actually charged based on pursuing the dual degree and the rate(s) which would have been charged for courses applied toward the selected degree. The student will also be responsible for repaying any scholarships or grants received based on pursuing a dual degree for which the student would not have been eligible based on the selected degree. Additional financial obligations must be satisfied before the student can be awarded the selected degree. In no case will the University refund money when a student opts out of a dual degree program.




Dr. Anthony Negbenebor, Dean

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Academic Office

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Dr. Felice Policastro




Director of Admissions

Graduate School of Business

Gardner-Webb University

Campus Box 7256

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