Music with Teacher Licensure

Your degree in Music Education will provide you with a strong foundation in music theory and practice, historical, and pedagogical knowledge that will foster an ability to develop a comprehensive music education program and the teaching skills to excel in the classroom.


You’ll develop a solid set of tools for teaching music in a public or private setting with knowledge of the best practices and methods for teaching, how to measure your students’ performance, and how to adapt the curriculum for learners with different needs. Gardner-Webb will give you the preparation you need to obtain licensing to teach music to North Carolina students in grades K-12.


The cooperation between the School of Performing and Visual Arts and the School of Education is the foundation of one of the very best teacher education programs in North Carolina. The program is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, and for the past 35 years, all of our graduates have found a teaching placement.


Gardner-Webb University’s Department of Music is dedicated to providing the finest musical education in an environment that promotes Christian values. We believe that music is a form of service that will help our students and graduates make an impact in their communities as well as foster cooperation and communication in every aspect of human life.


Course Requirements (73 hours)


MUSC 105: Music Theory I (4 hrs.) 

MUSC 106: Music Theory II (4 hrs.) 

MUSC 205: Music Theory III (3 hrs.) 

MUSC 206: Music Theory IV (3 hrs.) 

MUSC 211: Sophomore Qualifying Recital (1 hr.)

MUSC 226: Music Literature (3 hrs.) (hours counted in core) 

MUSC 245: Brass and Percussion Class (1 hr.) 

MUSC 246: Strings and Woodwinds Class (1 hr.) 

MUSC 247: Conducting Fundamentals (1 hr.) 

MUSC 305: Counterpoint (2 hrs.) or MUSC 405: Form and Analysis (2 hrs.) 

MUSC 306: Orchestration (2 hrs.)

MUSC 325: Music History I (3 hrs.) 

MUSC 326: Music History II (3 hrs.) 

MUSC 347: Elementary Music Education/Classroom Management (3 hrs.) 

MUSC 348: Secondary Music Education/Classroom Management (3 hrs.) 

MUSC 413: Senior Recital (3 hrs.) 

MUSC 446: Choral Conducting (1 hr.) 

MUSC 447: Instrumental Conducting (1 hr.) 

MIBS 150: Introduction to Music Technology (3 hrs.) 


Primary Applied (12 hours)

Performance Group (9 hours with a minimum of one hour in a small ensemble)

Secondary Applied (4 hours)

            For Piano: Organ (2 hours); Voice (2 hours)

            For Organ, Instrumental, Vocal: Piano (4 hours)

Required by Concentration (3 hours):

            For Piano 

                        MUSC 259: Advanced Piano Skills 

                        MUSC 455: Piano Pedagogy 

            For Organ 

                        MUSC 259: Advanced Piano Skills 

                        MUSC 459: Organ Pedagogy 

            For Instrumental

                        MUSC 248: Marching Band Techniques

                        MUSC 349: Instrumental Methods and Literature

            For Vocal:

                        MUSC 257: Voice Diction

                        MUSC 457: Vocal Pedagogy


You will also be required to complete the Professional Education Minor (26 hours)


EDUC 250: Teaching in the 21st Century (4 hrs.)

EDUC 316: Reading in the Content Area (3 hrs.)

EDUC 350: Diverse Populations (4 hrs.)

PSYC 303: Educational Psychology (3 hrs.)

EDUC 450: Student Teaching (12 hrs.)


Clubs and Organizations


National Association for Music Education

The national organization for music educators, works to promote music education and musical knowledge in all areas of life.  The collegiate chapter engages in service projects and additional pre-service learning and experience opportunities for its members.



Join one of Gardner-Webb's many musical ensembles, which enable students to refine their performance skills, collaborate with other musicians, develop knowledge of music practice in a professional setting, and even earn course credit. More than 400 student musicians participate each year, including both majors and non-majors. You'll get to perform at venues on campus and around the community. Our ensembles offer incredible diversity of performance styles but each brings inspiring and uplifting music to our community.


Large Ensembles


  • Concert Choir
  • Chorale
  • Opera Theatre



  • University Orchestra
  • Symphonic Band
  • Marching Bulldogs


Small Ensembles


  • Vocal Chamber Ensemble
  • Musical Theatre
  • Workshops and Musicals



  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Chamber Music for All Instruments



As part of the Teacher Education program, you will complete a field teaching assignment in the grade level you choose with a 15-week assignment as a student teacher your final semester at GWU. You will work with an experienced educator who will serve as your coach as you develop your teaching skills in an actual classroom environment.



With a degree in Music Education from Gardner-Webb, you’ll meet the requirements for obtaining teacher licensure in North Carolina and be able to teach K-12 music, emphasizing both instrumental and choral performance.



Recent graduates now hold teaching positions at schools throughout North Carolina as well as other locations in the United States. Our alumni are making an impact on their communities through their musical talent and dedication to teaching. Many have taken their students to national performances at Carnegie Hall, Music For All events, and have even been afforded the opportunity to tour with their students internationally.


Mr. Mark Cole

Phone: (704) 406-4456