Department of Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences 

The mission of the Department of Natural Sciences is to help students develop a strong science background and critical thinking skills through meaningful in- and out-of-class experiences. The Department aims to prepare students for productive professional careers or for entry into graduate or professional schools. The Department of Natural Sciences strives to remain consistent with the educational mission of Gardner-Webb University by balancing an interdisciplinary science foundation with the Christian values of faith, stewardship, ethics, and social responsibility.


GWU’s Department of Natural Sciences offers two majors: biology and chemistry. Graduates from these programs receive comprehensive instruction in their discipline within the context of a Christian environment.



The biology major at Gardner-Webb provides the student with a broad-based program in both field and laboratory methods. Required courses in the major expose students to plant and animal sciences, molecular biology, and ecology. Additional biology electives (e.g., microbiology, cell biology, medical terminology) allow biology majors to tailor their experience to the needs of their professional track.



The chemistry major exposes students to the traditional areas of the discipline including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and biochemistry. The program also places an emphasis on modern instrumentation to prepare chemistry majors for graduate studies, professional school, or employment.



Dr. Benjamin Brooks, Department Chair
Phone: (704) 406-4387

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