School of Performing and Visual Arts



  1. To provide a superior university education in art, music, and theatre;
  2. To provide ample opportunities to perform and compose the finest repertoire, both old and new, from all areas of the world, in all styles, and to provide a creative outlet for artists to display works; and
  3. To stimulate interest in the arts and to inspire our students to strive to attain their highest potential as performers, teachers, composers, music ministers, music executives, and visual technical artists, and to use that potential to serve God and Humanity.



Jim Thomas

Dean, School of Performing and Visual Arts

Phone: (704) 406-4362




Dr. Patricia Sparti

Chair, Department of Music

Phone: (704) 406-4453



Doug Knotts

Chair, Department of Visual Art

Phone: (704) 406-3812



Theatre Arts

Dr. Chris Nelson

Chair and Assistant Professor of Theatre



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