School of Performing & Visual Arts

Gardner-Webb University Repertoire Requirements for Scholarship Audition


Three pieces (one Baroque, one Classic, and one Romantic or Contemporary), at least one of which must be memorized.


Scale and arpeggio routine to include major and minor scales and arpeggios.


Choose three songs from category (1) and/or (2). The three songs should be contrasting, and at least one must be memorized.

  1. Aria or Art Song in English
    Sample Art Songs are: "Awake, Sweet Love" by Dowland, "The Daisies" by Barber, "It was a Lover and His Lass" by Morley, "There is a Lady Sweet and Kind" by Dello Joio, "Velvet Shores" by Thompson.
  2. Foreign Language Art Song
    Foreign Language Art Songs are those in Italian, German or French. Sample Art Songs are: Italian: "Tu lo sai" by Torelli," Nel cor piu non mi sento" by Paisiello; German: "Die Lotosblume" by Schumann, "Widmung" by Franz; French: "Bois epais" by Lully, "Le Miroir" by Ferrari.


Prospective organ majors may audition in piano if they wish and are encouraged to do so if they have had little or no formal organ instruction.

Students wishing to audition in organ should prepare:

  1. A work from the literature of Bach.
  2. A work by a composer from the Romantic or from the Contemporary period.
  3. A hymn (not required for renewal of scholarship).


  1. Two contrasting pieces from different musical periods and an arpeggio study by Giuliani, Sor, Carcassi or Carulli, at least one piece should be memorized.
  2. Two major scales of the student's choice.

Band/Orchestra Instruments

  1. Two contrasting works such as a sonata, concerto movement or high school contest solo grade 5 or 6.
  2. One scale each: major, minor and chromatic.
  3. Percussion: Snare Drum Rudiments

Auditions for transfer students must perform at the level of advancement in the respective applied major area. These requirements are available from the Chair of the Music Department of the School of Performing & Visual Arts.


Guidelines for Music Major Scholarships


The following guidelines are in effect for all music major scholarships:


  1. The scholarship recipient must study the appropriate applied instrument/voice in which the scholarship was awarded, become a full-time student pursuing a music major, and enroll in the traditional sequence of courses in the music curriculum.
  2. For incoming freshmen students, the scholarship grant is renewable for a maximum of four years (eight semesters). Awards for non-Freshmen (transfers) are also renewable based on the number of semesters remaining in the degree program in which the student is enrolled.
  3. The scholarship grant will be applied to the student's account in the Business Office - one-half of the Fall Semester and one-half for the Spring Semester.
  4. A performance audition will be requiredon one of the authorized or arranged scholarship dates. A video will be acceptable for those living a great distance away; however, a statement must be attached to the videotape signed by the applied music teacher or a responsible school administrator that the videotape was, in fact, made by the applicant.
  5. The three, requested recommendations should be received prior to the student's scholarship audition for perusal by the audition committee.



*** Music Major Scholarship Rehearsals are held in Gardner Hall . You need to arrive 30 minutes prior to the audition time for your rehearsal segment. Music Major Scholarship Auditions are held in Blanton Auditorium (Hamrick Hall). Times are assigned by the Music Office and are communicated to you the week of auditions.



References should be returned to:
Dr. Patricia Sparti, Chair
Gardner-Webb University
School of Performing & Visual Arts
Music Department
P O Box 7313
Boiling Springs, North Carolina 28017