Your major in Physical Education with Teacher Licensure at GWU will focus on physical fitness and sports skills as well as teacher education in keeping with North Carolina K-12 standards.

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Sport Pedagogy


Sport Pedagogy is the academic discipline focused on teaching/learning in sport settings.




The mission of the Sport Pedagogy program is to academically prepare students for success in the discipline of sport pedagogy, while consistently placing emphasis on leadership, faith, and service.


The Sport Pedagogy program clearly flows from the overall mission of the university. With society placing an undeniably strong emphasis on sport, it is critical that the university be engaged in the preparation of capable sport instructors and coaches. Our goal is to prepare graduates who are ready to make an immediate, lasting, and profound impact on future generations. The focus of the Sport Pedagogy program is on the development of knowledge and skills needed to be successful as sport instructors. Our coursework is provided in the context of a Christian worldview, with an emphasis on leadership, faith, and service; thus enabling graduates to make continuing and significant contributions within their communities.


Capstone Experience


As the culminating experience, students complete a course entitled Practical Experience in Sport Instruction (SPED 450). Taken during the final semester of enrollment, students use this as an opportunity to refine, synthesize and demonstrate their academic achievements and professional readiness. The course requirements include authentic, protracted instruction within carefully selected sport settings. Placements vary based on each student’s specific area of expertise, and these settings are in places such as the local YMCA, a nearby Dept. of Recreation, or perhaps an Upward Sports league. Weekly on-campus class meetings are held throughout the capstone experience, allowing for continuous and in-depth examination of instructional practices, ethical dilemmas, and professional behaviors. Finally, each student completes the capstone experience by formally presenting a portfolio to classmates, department faculty, and invited members of the campus community.




Completion of this program prepares one for success within a number of careers. These may include:

  • Sport Instructor (private instruction, sports academies, elite summer camps, etc.)
  • Coach (at all levels)
  • Activities Director
  • Recreation Coordinator
  • Any position in which quality instruction and guidance of sport and physical activity occurs


Course Requirements (39 hours)


Thirteen Courses, 3 hours each

PHED 211Introduction to Physical Education and Health Education
PHED 235Motor Learning
HLED 323First Aid/CPR with Instructor Certification
EXSI 335Kinesiology
PHED 336Theory and Techniques of Coaching
PHED 341Theory and Techniques of Team Sports
PHED 342Theory and Techniques of Individual and Dual Sports
EXSI 347Physiology of Sport and Exercise
PHED 401Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
PHED 402Physical Education for Diverse Populations
PHED 408Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletics
PHED 409Tests and Measurements
SPED 450Practical Experience in Sport Instruction


In addition, each student is required to complete BIOL 101 Human Biology in the general studies, and this must be completed prior to enrollment in EXSI 335 or EXSI 347.


The Sport Pedagogy program is not a North Carolina DPI approved teacher-licensure program.


Dr. Ken Baker

Phone: (704) 406-4481