Your major in philosophy and technology offers excellence training for many careers in service, ministry, and academia.

Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy

Philosophy and Theology Major

As a major in Philosophy and Theology, you will develop the ability to investigate critically such challenging topics as philosophy, theology, ethics, biblical studies, and Christian history. You will study the work of significant literature and perspectives in the fields of philosophy and theology. You will learn critical research and effective communication skills enabling you to sharpen your analysis and to argue persuasively for your views.


As part of your major in Philosophy and Theology, you will take courses in Christian ethics, epistemology, logic, and philosophy of religion. These studies provide a powerful way to develop greater understanding and appreciation for the Judeo-Christian history and heritage and its relationship to the liberal arts. Training in critical thinking, reasoning, research, and communication will provide valuable skills that will serve you as a lifelong learner.


GWU’s Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy promotes an environment of supportive discussion, respectful debate, and increasing self-awareness. The professors in the Department are committed believers with an openly confessional stance. Yet they will challenge you to think for yourself and to examine many points of view. Raising questions, engaging in discussion and participatory learning are central to the classroom experience. You will be encouraged to gain understanding of your own culture, values, and faith and to develop practical plans for lifelong learning and service.


Our faculty members are dedicated to lives of scholarly exploration of our Christian heritage and living lives reflecting these ideals. We are passionate about communicating these ideals to our students, our campus, and our community.


As a GWU student in the Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy, you will have the opportunity to benefit from enriching and challenging extracurricular experiences such as study abroad, travel to regions of historical and religious significance, or local, national, and international mission opportunities.


Christian Service Organization

Gardner-Webb's Christian Service Organization provides scholarships for deserving, financially needy students who are preparing for full-time Christian vocational service.


Religious Studies Association

Religious Studies Association is a peer organization for Religious Studies majors and minors but is open to students of any major. It is student-led and provides opportunities for fellowship, learning and service. Religion majors and minors are required to attend four out of six yearly meetings.


Theta Alpha Kappa

Our campus chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honors society for religious studies and theology, recognizes students for outstanding academic achievement and offers opportunities for professional advancement.


Philosophy Reading Group

The Philosophy Reading Group provides students with opportunities for learning and community outside the classroom. Led by Dr. Perry Hildreth, Professor of Philosophy, students recently have read and discussed the writings of Wendell Berry, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Saint Augustine.


Campus Ministries United (CMU)

Through the Office of Christian Life and Service, Campus Ministries United (CMU) sponsors a number of organizations offering student opportunities for fellowship and service. These include: Verge (student worship service), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Fellowship of Christians United in Service (FOCUS), Missions Possible, Prison Fellowship, prayer ministry, small groups, and Celebration Week.



A degree in philosophy and theology offers excellent training for many careers in service and ministry. You will develop valuable skills in communication, critical thinking, research, and interpersonal relationships. Possible career choices include, among others: counselor, community organizer, educator, minister, youth pastor, nonprofit administrator, missionary, and social worker. You will also be well prepared for further studies at the graduate level.



GWU philosophy and theology alumni have gone on to pursue graduate degrees at universities such as Gardner-Webb University, Baylor University, Harvard University, Mercer University, Vanderbilt University, Emory University, Duke University, and Wake Forest University. Others are serving as ministers at local churches, chaplains in the military, missionaries, or are working with non-profit or para-church organizations.



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