GOAL Program News

The Times, They are a Changin'


As you review the Fall 2012 schedule, you may notice a little something different in the face-to-face classes; start and end times. Your six o'clock classes will begin ten minutes sooner, and your eight o'clock classes will end ten minutes later. These changes will align the GOAL program with Gardner-Webb's day program requirements.


As you review the Important Dates referenced in Registration for Summer and Fall 2012 Now Open, you will see a welcome change. For the first time during the summer semester, GOAL students will not be expected to meet on July 4th. There is also a break between the end of the first summer and beginning of second summer sessions. For the first time in the Fall semester, GOAL will recognize GWU's Fall Break in October 2012. GOAL administration has made these changes to offer students and faculty additional flexibility.