Summer Leadership Conference 2013 Testimonials


“Enjoyed the variety of topics”

“Will be back next year.”

“Wonderful facility.”

“Great speakers.”

“One of the best conferences I have ever attended.”

“Simply a remarkable conference.”

“All the sessions I attended were very informative.”

“Very practical and contemporary topics.”

“I plan to share with my work colleagues and in my personal sphere.”

“More school systems need to take advantage of this.”

“ I took pages of notes.”

“I began sharing information I learned after day one.”

“The speakers were all very knowledgeable and offered useful tips on improving performance.”

“There was a great selection of topics. I enjoyed the freedom of choosing within different tracks.”

“I intend to share all of my information with my administration and my fellow teachers.”

“Well organized.”

“Great blend of theory and practical applications.”

“I like the idea of having business and education in one conference. So much in common. Please don’t change that.”

“The technology session was very practical.”