2017 - 2018 Tuition and Fees

Tuition is charged by the credit hour and each class offered in the Master of Divinity program is a three (3) hour class. Part-time students are enrolled in three (3) or six (6) credit hours or one (1) or two (2) classes respectively. Full-time students are enrolled in at least nine (9) credit hours, or three (3) classes, or more. The average full-time student is enrolled in twelve (12) credit hours.

Master of Divinity*

Tuition Rate (per credit hour)$430
Required Fees
VISA Processing Fee (Applicable only to international students)$150
Student Activity Fee$40/year or $20/semester
Graduate Parking Sticker$50/year or $25/semester
Online Class Fee (Applicable only to students registered for an online course)$35
Digital Library Fee (Billed for a maximum of six semester)$130/year or $65/semester

Doctor of Ministry*

Tuition Rate (per credit hour)$488
Required Fees
Report & Analysis Administration Fee (Ministry Project Semester)$250
VISA Processing Fee (Applicable only to international students)$150
Report & Analysis Proofreader Fee
(Ministry Project Semester)
Graduation Fee
(Final Semester)

*Miscellaneous expenses may consist of books, supplies, transportation, and living expenses.