Undergraduate Program Financial Planning


Financial Planning is dedicated to providing students and their families with friendly, efficient, and responsible financial services, while complying with all federal, state, and University policies. Our office provides financial assistance to students, many of whom might otherwise be unable to attend the University.


GWU is a great investment for you personally and professional. To make this investment a reality, GWU consistently strives to make your college experience affordable.


This page is provided as a starting point for accessing the financial aid process at Gardner-Webb. Our programs are strategically arranged to support our various academic programs.


For information, processes, and assistance click the financial planning link.


Gardner-Webb University School Code: 002929


For information, processes, and assistance, please visit the Office of Financial Planning's website.


Office of Financial Planning
PO Box 955
Boiling Springs, NC 28017
Phone: (704) 406-4243
Fax: (704) 406-4102