Brad Gilbert

Brad GilbertTitle: Undergraduate Admissions Counselor


Brad's Territories: Mecklenburg, NC, Lincoln, NC, Rowan, NC, and Kentucky.

Mecklenburg, NC, Lincoln, NC, Rowan, NC
KentuckMecklenburg, NC, Lincoln, NC, Rowan, NCKentucky


Hometown: Shelby, NC


Alma Mater: Temple University


Degree(s): Bachelor of Business Administration




Phone:  704-406-4634


What is your favorite thing about Boiling Springs?

I absolutely love the small town feel with beautiful views on the GWU Campus and the Broad River.


Who has been your role model for you and why?

My dad has been instrumental in showing me the true meaning of hard work and along the way, building relationships that will last a lifetime.


What motivates or energizes you?

I become very excited when I see the impact that I can have on other people and it reminds me that others are affected in a positive or negative way based on my work ethic.  I choose to show the positive side with positive results.


My favorite portion of Scripture is:

Galatians 2:20 For I am crucified with Christ and I no longer live...


My hobbies and interests are:  

Reading, Running, Teaching, and Making Memories with my family.