Cap and Gown Information

The Graduation Fee does not cover the purchase of your cap and gown; you are responsible to pay Jostens directly. ** Jostens requires that you pay them directly for your cap and gown when you place your order. If you have a question about whether your order was received, or about the status of your order, contact Jostens at 1-800-854-7464.

To Order Your Cap and Gown:

  1. Order from the Jostens website at **Jostens requires your payment at the time of the order.**
  2. For all graduation candidates except for doctoral candidates: Order your cap and gown according to your size and degree. All graduates will wear black tassels. Do not order a hood. The hood will be given to you at graduation.

    Your GWU account will be charged as follows for the hood:

    1. Associate of Arts - No charge 
    2. Bachelor Degree (all programs) - $24
    3. Master's Degree (all programs) - $28
    4. Education Specialist - No charge (student orders entire package)
  3. Doctoral candidates: Order your cap, gown, and hood according to your size and degree.
    IMPORTANT: You will need to place your name inside of the hood and deliver the hood to a representative of the Registrar’s Office prior to Commencement. All graduates will wear black tassels.

    1. Doctor of Ministry: Red 
    2. Doctor of Education: Light Blue 
    3. Doctor of Nursing Practice: Apricot