GWU Police Car

Campus Evacuation


Evacuation of the University will generally fall into two categories:

  • Limited evacuation of a building or designated area.
  • General evacuation of the entire campus.

In general, you should plan ahead for possible evacuations.  Know evacuation routes from your office or classroom and the campus.


  • If the fire alarm is activated, leave the building immediately. 
  • Do not assume it is a false alarm. Do not return for personal items. 
  • Do not go into the restrooms. 
  • Do not use the elevators. 
  • Direct visitors or anyone needing assistance to stairwells and exits. 
  • When you are outside, check in with your supervisor, department personnel or instructor so everyone can be accounted for. 
  • Make sure you have your GWU and personal identification with you.

Campus Evacuation


  • All traffic will be directed away from light
  • Students with vehicles are to leave  campus
  • Students without vehicles go to LYCC lot for pick-up
  • Boiling Springs Baptist Church is the primary off campus pick-up/drop off location.
  • Evacuation should be swift and orderly.
  • Students Faculty & Staff will be informed via text message and local media outlets
    when it is permitted to return to campus.


Evacuation Transportation


  • Transportation to Boiling Springs Baptist will be provided by GWU 15 passenger vans, BSBC buses and FHBC buses.
  • Temporary shelter and food (as soon as possible) will be available.
  • Every attempt will be made to seek accountability for each student.
  • Students are encouraged to contact immediate family members and inform them about their status and well being.
  • Residence Education Staff will be monitoring and observing all student activities during the period students are at the primary Evac Site.
  • Law Enforcement (Sweep Teams) will make several security sweeps through campus to ensure everyone is out.
  • Return to campus for medication, and other life threatening reasons will be made by Law Enforcement Officers only.
  • 3 Police officers (crowd control) 2 Police officers (runners) and 10 Residence Education Professional Staff will man the shelter.