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Parking Regulations

The use of a motor vehicle on University property is a privilege. Therefore, the administration reserves the right to suspend this privilege if it believes such action to be justified. All vehicles must have a current parking registration displayed properly. The permit must be displayed in the lower back left window of the vehicle.

The speed limit is 15 mph on all campus property, unless otherwise posted. Pedestrians always have the right of way.

Excessive noise and other nuisances generated from a vehicle or its occupants is prohibited. All state and local traffic regulations are applicable on campus property.

Operating or parking a vehicle on any sidewalk or grass area is prohibited. Backing in a parking spot is prohibited.

Monday through Friday from 6:00 am till 6:00 pm all students must park in a space marked with white lines. All Faculty and Staff must park in spaces marked with red lines.

Monday through Friday between 6 pm and 6 am drivers may park in any legally marked space regardless of their status.

Saturday and Sunday drivers may park in any legally marked space regardless of their status.

Handicapped spaces are clearly marked throughout the campus and are available ONLY to those persons who possess or display a valid Handicapped placard.

All vehicles must be parked in a marked space at all times. At no time should any one park in a fire lane.

Any vehicle that is illegally parked is subject to one or more of the following; A state citation, a University Parking ticket, Vehicle Immobilization (boot), or towing of the vehicle.

In the event you receive a University Parking ticket, and you feel that it was unjustified, you may appeal the ticket. All appeals must be made within seven days of receiving the ticket. You may obtain an appeals form at the Parking Enforcement Section located in the Poston Center. Traffic fines are listed on the back of your Traffic Regulations and Restrictions pamphlet. Boot removal fees are paid when we remove the boot. You will have to come to the Parking Enforcement Section and pay before it will be removed.