Check Out and Renewal Policy

Loan Periods & Fines

Faculty, Staff, and Students:

There is no limit to the number of main collection items that can be checked out.


Loan Periods and Fines
 Loan PeriodFines
Main collection3 weeks$0.25 per day
7-Day Reserve (2 items)7 days$5.00 per day
3-Day Reserve (2 items)72 hours$5.00 per day
1-Day Reserve (2 items)24 hours$5.00 per day
3-Hour Reserve (2 items)3 hours$0.50 per hour
Interlibrary Loan - Discretion of lending library$1.00 per day


Community Patrons:

Up to 5 items may be checked out; this excludes Reserves, Laptops, and Interlibrary Loan.


Loan Periods and Fines
 Loan PeriodFines
Main collection3 weeks$0.25 per day


If overdue items have a total accumulated fine of $5, the patron may not check out any other materials from the library until the items are returned and the fines paid.


Patrons must pay for lost items. This charge may include up to $15 in overdue fines, $15 for a replacement processing fee, plus the actual cost of the item lost.


Fines for 3 hour check out, which cannot leave the library, may accrue up to $36 in fines.


Items checked out from the library can be renewed an unlimited number of times during a given semester.


Reserve and Interlibrary Loan items are not eligible for renewal.


Items can be renewed by signing in (using the Sign In button in the top right of any online catalog page) with your Gardner-Webb username and password and then choosing My Account or by accessing  Items can also be brought back to the library Circulation Desk to be renewed.

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