1950s Popular Fiction

Achebe, Chinua
     Things Fall Apart

Agee, James
     A Death in the Family

Allingham, Margery
     Hide My Eyes
     No Love Lost: Two Stories of Suspense

Anthony, Evelyn
     Victoria and Albert: A Novel

Arnow, Harriette Louisa Simpson
     The Dollmaker

Asch, Sholem
     The Prophet

Auchincloss, Louis
     The Great World and Timothy Colt

Baldwin, James
     Go Tell It on the Mountain

Barry, Jane
     The Carolinians

Basso, Hamilton
     The Light Infantry Ball
     The View From Pompey's Head

Bates, H. E.
     The Scarlet Sword
     The Darling Buds of May
     Love For Lydia

Beckett, Samuel
     Malone Dies

Bellow, Saul
     Seize the Day
     Henderson, the Rain King: A Novel

Bishop, Jim
     The Day Christ Died

Boulle, Pierre
     The Bridge Over the River Kwai

Boyle, Kay
     The Smoking Mountain: Stories of Germany During the Occupation

Braine, John
     Room at the Top: A Novel

Brooks, Gwendolyn
     Maud Martha

Buck, Pearl S.
     Command the Morning: A Novel
     Imperial Woman: A Novel
     Letter From Peking: A Novel

Burgess, Anthony
     The Long Day Wanes: A Malayan Trilogy

Burroughs, William S.
     Naked Lunch

Caldwell, Taylor
     Dear and Glorious Physician

Camus, Albert
     Exile and the Kingdom

Capote, Truman
     Breakfast at Tiffany's: A Short Novel and Three Stories

Carpentier, Alejo
     The Lost Steps

Cary, Joyce
     First Trilogy: Herself Surprised, To Be a Pilgrim, The Horse's Mouth

Cela, Camilo Jose
     The Hive

Cheever, John
     The Wapshot Chronicle

Christie, Agatha
     Murder With Mirrors
     Ordeal By Innocence
     Sleeping Murder
     They Came to Baghdad

Clarke, Arthur Charles
     The Deep Range
     The Lion of Comarre & Against the Fall of Night

Compton-Burnett, I. (Ivy)
     A Heritage and its History
     The Present and the Past

Costain, Thomas Bertram
     The Darkness and the Dawn: A Novel
     The Silver Chalice: A Novel
     The Tontine: A Novel

Cusack, Ralph

Dahl, Evelyn
     Belle of Destiny

Dahl, Roald
     Someone Like You

Daniels, Lucy
     Caleb, My Son: A Novel

Daninos, Pierre
     The Notebooks of Major Thompson: An Englishman Discovers France & the French

Drury, Allen
     Advise and Consent

Du Maurier, Daphne
     Mary Anne: A Novel
     The Scapegoat

Durrell, Lawrence
     Balthazar: A Novel
     Clea: A Novel
     Mountolive: A Novel

Farris, Jack

Fast, Howard
     Moses, Prince of Egypt

Faulkner, William
     Big Woods
     A Fable
     The Mansion
     Requiem For a Nun
     The Town

Ferber, Edna
     Ice Palace

Feuchtwanger, Lion
     This is the Hour

Fleming, Ian
     Casino Royale

Fletcher, Inglis
     Bennett's Welcome
     Cormorant's Brood
     Queen's Gift
     The Scotswoman
     The Wind in the Forest

Foote, Shelby
     Shiloh: A Novel

Forester, C. S.
     The Good Shepherd

Giles, Janice Holt
     Hannah Fowler
     The Land Beyond the Mountains

Gironella, Jose Maria
     The Cypresses Believe in God

Godden, Rumer
     An Episode of Sparrows: A Novel
     The Greengage Summer: A Novel

Golding, William
     The Inheritors
     Lord of the Flies: A Novel

Goudge, Elizabeth
     The White Witch

Grau, Shirley Ann
     The Hard Blue Sky

Green, Henry

Green, Peter
     Achilles His Armour

Greene, Graham
     The End of the Affair
     Our Man in Havana: An Entertainment

Harris, Mark
     Bang the Drum Slowly

Hartley, L. P.
     The Go-Between

Hebert, Anne
     The Torrent: Novellas and Short Stories

Heinlein, Robert A.
     The Menace From Earth
     Revolt in 2100

Heller, Joseph
     Catch-22: A Novel

Hemingway, Ernest
     Across the River and Into the Trees
     The Old Man and the Sea

Henry, Will
     From Where the Sun Now Stands

Hersey, John
     The Wall
     A Single Pebble
     The War Lover

Horgan, Paul
     A Distant Trumpet

Jackson, Dorothy V. S.
     Walk With Peril

Jarrell, Randall
     Pictures From an Institution: A Comedy

Jones, James
     From Here to Eternity
     The Pistol

Kane, Harnett Thomas
     The Gallant Mrs. Stonewall

Kantor, MacKinlay

Kawabata, Yasunari
     Snow Country

Kaye, M. M. (Mary Margaret)
     Shadow of the Moon

Kenyon, Frank Wilson
     The Golden Years

Kerouac, Jack
     The Dharma Bums
     On the Road

Keyes, Daniel
     Flowers for Algernon

Keyes, Frances Parkinson
     Blue Camellia

Knowles, John
     A Separate Peace: A Novel

Lagerkvist, Par

Lardner, Ring
     The Ecstasy of Owen Muir

Lederer, William J.
     The Ugly American

Lessing, Doris May
     Martha Quest

Levin, Meyer

Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples)
     Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold

Lloyd, Roger Bradshaigh
     The Private Letters of Luke

Macken, Walter
     Seek the Fair Land

MacLean, Alistair
     South by Java Head

Malamud, Bernard
     The Assistant: A Novel
     The Magic Barrel

Markandaya, Kamala
     Nectar in a Sieve

McCarthy, Mary
     The Group

McCullers, Carson
     Clock Without Hands

Michener, James A.
     The Bridges at Toko-Ri

Mishima, Yukio
     Confessions of a Mask
     The Sound of Waves

Monsarrat, Nicholas
     The Cruel Sea

Moore, Brian
     The Feast of Lupercal

Moravia, Alberto
     Two Adolescents: The Stories of Agostino and Luca
     Two Women

Murdoch, Iris
     The Flight From the Enchanter

Naipaul, V.S. (Vidiadhar Surajprasad)
     Miguel Street

O'Connor, Edwin
     The Last Hurrah

O'Connor, Flannery
     A Good Man is Hard to Find, and Other Stories

O'Connor, Frank
     The Stories of Frank O'Connor

Ollier, Claude
     The Mise-en-Scene

Ormonde, Czenzi
     Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich
     Doctor Zhivago

Paton, Alan
     Too Late the Phalarope

Payne, Robert
     The Shepherd

Perenyi, Eleanor Spencer Stone
     The Bright Sword

Plaidy, Jean
     The Spanish Bridegroom

Powers, J.F. (James Farl)
     Morte D'Urban

Prescott, H. F. M.
     The Man on a Donkey: A Chronicle

Queen, Ellery
     The Glass Village: A Novel

Renault, Mary
     The King Must Die

Richter, Conrad
     The Town

Roberts, Kenneth Lewis
     Boon Island

Ruark, Robert Chester
     The Old Man and the Boy
     Something of Value

Sarraute, Nathalie
     Martereau: A Novel

Schulberg, Budd
     Some Faces in the Crowd: Short Stories

Sembene, Ousmane
     God's Bits of Wood

Seton, Anya
     The Winthrop Woman

Shellabarger, Samuel
     Lord Vanity

Shepard, Odell
     Jenkins' Ear: A Narrative Attributed to Horace Walpole, Esq., by Odell Shepard & Willard Shepard

Sillitoe, Alan
     The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner
     Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Simenon, Georges
     Maigret Sets a Trap

Simons, Katherine Drayton Mayrant
     The Red Doe

Slaughter, Frank G.
     Flight From Natchez
     The Road to Bithynia: A Novel of Luke, the Beloved Physician

Steinbeck, John
     East of Eden

Stewart, Mary
     My Brother Michael

Stone, Irving
     Love is Eternal: A Novel About Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln
     The President's Lady: A Novel About Rachel and Andrew Jackson

Storey, David
     Radcliffe: A Novel

Tanizaki, Junichiro
     Some Prefer Nettles

Taylor, Peter Hillsman
     The Widows of Thornton

Thomas, Dylan
     Adventures in the Skin Trade, and Other Stories

Tracy, Don
     Roanoke Renegade

Traven, B.
     The Rebellion of the Hanged

Traver, Robert
     Anatomy of a Murder

Trevor, Elleston
     The Killing-Ground

Tutuola, Amos
     The Palm-Wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm-Wine Tapster in the Dead's Town

Updike, John
     The Same Door: Short Stories

Uris, Leon
     Battle Cry

Vaughan, Carter A.
     The Invincibles

Vidal, Gore
     A Thirsty Evil: Seven Short Stories

Vonnegut, Kurt
     The Sirens of Titan
     Player Piano

Waltari, Mika
     The Adventurer
     The Wanderer

Warner, Rex
     The Young Caesar

Warren, Robert Penn
     World Enough and Time: A Romantic Novel
     Band of Angels

Waugh, Alec
     Island in the Sun: A Story of the 1950s Set in the West Indies

Waugh, Evelyn
     Officers and Gentlemen

Welty, Eudora
     The Ponder Heart

West, Morris L.
     The Devil's Advocate

West, Rebecca
     The Fountain Overflows: A Novel

White, Patrick
     Voss: A Novel

Wicker, Tom
     The Devil Must
     The Kingpin

Williams, Jay
     Solomon and Sheba

Wilson, Angus
     Anglo-Saxon Attitudes: A Novel

Wilson, Sloan
     The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit

Wodehouse, P. G.
     Selected Stories

Wouk, Herman
     The Caine Mutiny: A Novel of World War II

Yerby, Frank
     Fairoaks: A Novel
     Jarrett's Jade: A Novel

Yourcenar, Marguerite
     Memoirs of Hadrian