1960s Popular Fiction

Abe, Kobo
     The Woman in the Dunes

Abrahams, Peter
     This Island Now

Achebe, Chinua
     No Longer at Ease

Andric, Ivo
     Bosnian Chronicle

Anthony, Michael
     Green Days by the River

Armah, Ayi Kwei

Ash, William
     Ride a Paper Tiger

Asimov, Isaac
     Asimov's Mysteries

Auchincloss, Louis
     The Embezzler
     Tales of Manhattan
     A World of Profit

Baldwin, James
     Another Country

Barr, Gladys H.
     The Pilgrim Prince: A Novel Based on the Life of John Bunyan

Barth, John
     Giles Goat-Boy; or, The Revised New Syllabus

Beckett, Samuel
     How it is
     Stories & Texts for Nothing

Bellow, Saul
     Mosby's Memoirs and Other Stories
     Mr. Sammler's Planet

Berry, Wendell
     A Place on Earth

Betts, Doris
     The Astronomer and Other Stories

Blythe, LeGette
     Hear Me, Pilate!
     Man on Fire: A Novel of the Life of St. Paul

Bowen, Elizabeth
     The Little Girls
     Eva Trout; or, Changing scenes

Bradbury, Ray
     I Sing the Body Electric

Bradford, Richard
     Red Sky at Morning

Bragg, Melvyn
     The Hired Man

Braine, John
     The Crying Game

Braly, Malcolm
     On the Yard: A Novel

Brantley, Russell
     The Education of Jonathan Beam: A Novel

Breslin, Jimmy
     The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

Brophy, Brigid
     In Transit: An Heroi-Cyclic Novel

Buck, Pearl S.
     The Three Daughters of Madame Liang: A Novel

Buechner, Frederick
     The Final Beast

Burgess, Anthony
     A Clockwork Orange
     Nothing Like the Sun, A Story of Shakespeare's Love-Life

Burroughs, William S.
     Exterminator! A Novel
     The Soft Machine

Calvino, Italo
     The Nonexistent Knight & the Cloven Viscount: Two Short Novels

Campbell, Michael
     Lord Dismiss Us

Cendrars, Blaise
     To the End of the World

Chappell, Fred
     The Inkling
     It is Time, Lord

Cheever, John
     The Wapshot Scandal
     Bullet Park: A Novel

Chinn, Laurene Chambers
     Marcus, A Novel of the Youngest Apostle

Christie, Agatha
     At Bertram's Hotel

Christopher, John

Clarke, Arthur Charles
     2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY

Clifford, Francis.
     The Naked Runner

Cloete, Stuart
     Rags of Glory

Cordell, Alexander
     Song of the Earth

Cortazar, Julio
     End of the Game, and Other Stories

Cozzens, James Gould
     Morning, Noon, and Night

Davis, Maggie.
     The Far Side of Home

De Vries, Peter
     The Cat's Pajamas & Witch's Milk: Two Novels

Deal, Borden
     The Least One

Dibner, Martin
     The Admiral: A Novel

Donoso, José
     Charleston & Other Stories

Drake, Robert
     Amazing Grace

Du Maurier, Daphne
     Don't Look Now
     The Glass-Blowers
     The House on the Strand

Duggan, Alfred Leo
     The Cunning of the Dove
     Family Favorites

Durrell, Lawrence
     Tunc: A Novel

Eastlake, William
     Castle Keep

Eden, Dorothy
     The Shadow Wife
     The Vines of Yarrabee

Ehle, John
     The Road

Ekwensi, Cyprian
     Beautiful Feathers
     Burning Grass

Elkin, Stanley
     A Bad Man
     Boswell: A Modern Comedy
     Criers & Kibitzers, Kibitzers & Criers

Ellison, Harlan
     Dangerous Visions : 33 Original Stories
     Ellison Wonderland

Farrell, Michael
     Thy Tears Might Cease

Fast, Howard
     April Morning

Faulkner, William
     The Reivers: A Reminiscence

Fleming, Ian
     You Only Live Twice

Fletcher, Inglis
     Rogue's Harbor
     Wicked Lady

Forester, C. S.
     Hornblower and the Hotspur

Fowles, John
     The Collector
     The French Lieutenant's Woman
     The Magus

Freeling, Nicolas
     The Dresden Green

Gadda, Carlo Emilio
     That Awful Mess on Via Merulana: A Novel

Gaines, Ernest J.

Gallico, Paul
     Mrs. 'Arris Goes to New York

Gann, Ernest Kellogg
     Of Good and Evil: A Novel

Gass, William H.
     Willie Masters' Lonesome Wife

Giles, Janice Holt
     The Great Adventure: A Novel

Godden, Rumer
     China Court: The Hours of a Country House; A Novel
     The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
     In This House of Brede

Gold, Herbert, editor
     Stories of Modern America

Golding, William
     The Pyramid
     The Spire

Grass, Günter
     Cat and Mouse
     Local Anaesthetic

Grau, Shirley Ann
     The House on Coliseum Street
     The Keepers of the House

Greene, Graham
     The Comedians
     Travels with My Aunt: A Novel

Grubb, Davis
     The Watchman

Hailey, Arthur

Halberstam, David
     One Very Hot Day

Hawkes, John

Hazzard, Shirley
     The Evening of the Holiday

Hendricks, Garland A.
     Appalachian Shepherd

Henry, Will
     San Juan Hill

Herlihy, James Leo.
     Midnight Cowboy

Hersey, John
     The Child Buyer

Hesse, Hermann
     Narcissus and Goldmund

Hodgart, Matthew John Caldwell.
     A New Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms

Hodge, Jane (Aiken)
     Here Comes a Candle

Holt, Victoria
     The Shivering Sands
     Menfreya in the Morning
     The Legend of the Seventh Virgin
     Bride of Pendorric
     The King of the Castle

Howatch, Susan
     April's Grave
     The Shrouded Walls and The Dark Shore

Hughes, Richard Arthur Warren
     The Fox in the Attic

Hughes, Ted
     Difficulties of a Bridegroom

Huxley, Aldous
     Island: A Novel

Ikeda, Daisaku.
     The Human Revolution

Jackson, Shirley
     We Have Always Lived in the Castle


Kaufman, Bel
     Up the Down Staircase

Kellogg, Marjorie
     Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon

Kesey, Ken.
     One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: A Novel

Kessel, Joseph
     The Medici Fountain : A Novel

Keyes, Frances Parkinson
     The Chess Players
     I, The King

Kosinski, Jerzy N.

L'Amour, Louis
     The Daybreakers

Laurence, Margaret
     The Fire-Dwellers

Le Carré, John
     Call for the Dead

Lee, Harper
     To Kill a Mockingbird

Leggett, John
     Who Took the Gold Away

Lessing, Doris May
     African Stories
     The Four-Gated City

Levin, Ira.
     Rosemary's Baby: A Novel

Lewis, Robert
     Michel, Michel: A Novel

Lincoln, Victoria
     Charles: A Novel

Linney, Romulus
     Heathen Valley

Lispector, Clarice
     Family Ties

Llewellyn, Richard.
     Up, Into the Singing Mountain

Lofts, Norah,
     The Concubine
     The House at Old Vine
     The Little Wax Doll

Lurie, Alison
     Imaginary Friends

MacInnes, Helen
     The Venetian Affair

Mack, Elsie Frances
     A Woman of Jerusalem

MacLean, Alistair
     Ice Station Zebra
     Where Eagles Dare

Maier, Paul L.
     Pontius Pilate

Mailer, Norman.
     Why are We in Vietnam? A Novel

Malamud, Bernard.
     The Fixer

Marius, Richard.
     The Coming of Rain

Markfield, Wallace
     To An Early Grave

Marsh, Willard.
     Beachhead in Bohemia: Stories

Matthiessen, Peter.
     At Play in the Fields of the Lord

Maugham, Robin
     The Wrong People

McKenna, Richard.
     The Sand Pebbles: A Novel

Memmi, Albert.
     The Scorpion, or, The Imaginary Confession

Michaels, Barbara
     Ammie, Come Home

Michener, James A.
     Caravans: A Novel
     The Source: A Novel

Mishima, Yukio
     Death in Midsummer, and Other Stories

Moore, Brian
     The Emperor of Ice-Cream: A Novel
     I am Mary Dunne: A Novel
     The Luck of Ginger Coffey

Morris, Wright
     Ceremony in Lone Tree

Mosley, Nicholas

Mphahlele, Ezekiel
     In Corner B

Murdoch, Iris
     Bruno's Dream
     The Red and the Green

Mydans, Shelley Smith
     Thomas: A Novel of the Life, Passion, and Miracles of Becket

Mykle, Agnar

Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich,
     King, Queen, Knave: A Novel
     Pale Fire: A Novel

Naipaul, V. S. (Vidiadhar Surajprasad)
     A House For Mr. Biswas

Neufeld, John
     Lisa, Bright and Dark: A Novel

Ngugi wa Thiong'o
     The River Between

Nygaard, Norman E.
     Champion of Liberty: The Story of Roger Williams

O'Brien, Flann
     The Dalkey Archive: A Novel
     The Hard Life: An Exegesis of Squalor
     The Third Policeman: A Novel

O'Connor, Flannery
     Everything That Rises Must Converge

Oe, Kenzaburo
     A Personal Matter

O'Hara, John
     Lovey Childs, A Philadelphian's story: A Novel
     Sermons and Soda-Water

Oyono, Ferdinand
     The Old Man and the Medal

Pargeter, Edith (writing as Ellis Peters)
     The House of Green Turf
     Mourning Raga
     The Piper on the Mountain

Paton, Alan
     Tales From a Troubled Land

Percy, Walker
     The Last Gentleman
     The Moviegoer

Pinget, Robert
     The Inquisitory

Plath, Sylvia.
     The Bell Jar

Poole, Lynn.
     The Magnificent Traitor

Portis, Charles.
     True Grit: A Novel

Potok, Chaim.
     The Chosen: A Novel
     The Promise

Powell, Anthony
     Casanova's Chinese Restaurant
     The Kindly Ones
     The Military Philosophers
     The Soldier's Art
     The Valley of Bones

Price, Reynolds
     A Generous Man
     A Long and Happy Life

Prokosch, Frederic
     The Missolonghi Manuscript

Puzo, Mario
     The Godfather

Quin, Ann

Rechy, John
     This Day's Death: A Novel

Reed, Ishmael
     The Free-Lance Pallbearers
     Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down

Renault, Mary
     The Bull From the Sea
     Fire From Heaven
     The Mask of Apollo

Rhys, Jean
     Wide Sargasso Sea

Richter, Conrad
     The Waters of Kronos

Roth, Philip
     Letting Go
     When She Was Good

Rousselot, Jean
     Hungarian Rhapsody: The Life of Franz Liszt

Rubin, Louis Decimus
     The Golden Weather

Sandoz, Mari
     Sandhill Sundays and Other Recollections

Schmitt, Gladys
     Rembrandt: A Novel

Schulberg, Budd
     Sanctuary V

Schwarz-Bart, Andre
     The Last of the Just

Scott, Paul
     The Jewel in the Crown: A Novel

Selby, Hubert
     Last Exit to Brooklyn

Shrader, Wesley
     Yeshua's Diary

Silverberg, Robert
     The Time-Hoppers

Singer, Isaac Bashevis
     The Manor
     The Slave: A Novel

Siodmak, Curt
     Hauser's Memory

Slaughter, Frank G. (Frank Gill)
     The Sins of Herod: A Novel of Rome and the Early Church
     Upon This Rock: A Novel of Simon Peter, Prince of the Apostles

Smith, Betty
     Joy in the Morning

Snow, C. P.
     The Affair

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Isaevich
     The Cancer Ward
     The First Circle
     One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Sorrentino, Gilbert
      The Sky Changes

Spark, Muriel
     The Girls of Slender Means
     Memento Mori and The Ballad of Peckham Rye
     The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Steedman, Marguerite.
     Refuge in Avalon: A Novel

Stegner, Wallace Earl
     A Shooting Star

Stern, Philip Van Doren, compiler
     The Other Side of the Clock: Stories Out of Time, Out of Place

Stewart, Mary
     Airs Above the Ground
     The Gabriel Hounds
     The Ivy Tree
     The Moon-Spinners

Stone, Irving
     The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Novel of Michelangelo
     The Passions of the Mind: A Novel of Sigmund Freud

Stout, Rex
     3 at Wolfe's Door: A Nero Wolfe Threesome

Styron, William
     The Confessions of Nat Turner
     Set This House on Fire

Susann, Jacqueline
     The Love Machine

Thorn, Ronald Scott
     The Twin Serpents: A Novel of Suspense

Traven, B.
     The Night Visitor and Other Stories

Treece, Henry

Tyler, Ann.
     If Morning Ever Comes

Ulyatt, Kenneth
     North Against the Sioux

Unkelbach, Kurt

Updike, John
     Of the Farm
     Rabbit, Run

Uris, Leon
     Armageddon: A Novel of Berlin
     Mila 18
     Topaz: A Novel

Van der Post, Laurens
     The Seed and the Sower

Venter, F. A. (Francois Alwyn)
     Man From Cyrene

Vidal, Gore
     Washington, D.C.: A Novel

Vonnegut, Kurt
     God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater; or, Pearls Before Swine
     Mother Night
     Slaughterhouse-Five; or, The Children's Crusade
     Welcome to the Monkey House: A Collection of Short Works

Waltari, Mika
     The Roman
     The Secret of the Kingdom

Warren, Robert Penn
     Flood: A Romance of Our Time
     Wilderness: A Tale of the Civil War

Waugh, Evelyn
     The End of the Battle

Weiss, David
     Naked Came I: A Novel of Rodin

Wellman, Paul Iselin
     Magnificent Destiny: A Novel About the Great Secret Adventure of Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston

Welty, Eudora
     The Optimist's Daughter

Wertenbaker, Lael Tucker
     The Eye of the Lion: A Novel Based on the Life of Mata Hari

West, Jessamyn
     Leafy Rivers

West, John Foster
     Time Was

West, Morris L.
     The Shoes of the Fisherman: A Novel
     The Tower of Babel: A Novel

Westheimer, David
     Von Ryan's Express

Whitman, Allen
     Parson McFright: Short Stories for Harried Churchmen

Whitney, Phyllis A.
     Hunter's Green
     The Winter People

Wibberley, Leonard
     The Centurion

Wilder, Robert
     Wind From the Carolinas

Williams, John Alfred
     The Man Who Cried I Am: A Novel
     Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light: A Novel of Some Probability

Wilson, Angus
     No Laughing Matter

Woiwode, Larry
     What I'm Going to Do, I Think

Woolf, Douglas
     Wall to Wall

Wouk, Herman,
     Youngblood Hawke: A Novel

Wright, Charles
     The Messenger

Yerby, Frank
     Goat Song: A Novel of Ancient Greece

Young, Marguerite
     Miss Macintosh, My Darling