1980s Popular Fiction

Abish, Walter
     How German Is It = Wie Deutsch Ist Es: A Novel

Ackroyd, Peter
     First Light

Adams, Douglas
     Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
     The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
     So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

Adams, Richard
     Traveller: A Novel

Aldiss, Brian Wilson
     Helliconia Spring

Allende, Isabel
     The House of the Spirits

Asimov, Isaac
     The Complete Robot
     Foundation and Earth
     The Robots of Dawn
     The Winds of Change and Other Stories

Atwood, Margaret Eleanor
     Cat's Eye
     The Handmaid's Tale

Auchincloss, Louis
     The Book Class

Auel, Jean M.
     The Mammoth Hunters

Ballard, Mignon Franklin
     Raven Rock

Bambara, Toni Cade
     The Salt Eaters

Barnes, Dallas L.
     Freedom Dance

Barnes, Julian
     A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters

Barth, John
     Sabbatical: A Romance

Barthelme, Frederick
     Second Marriage

Bell, Martin

Bellow, Saul
     Him With His Foot in His Mouth and Other Stories
     More Die of Heartbreak
     The Dean's December: A Novel

Ben Jelloun, Tahar
     The Sacred Night
     The Sand Child

Berger, Thomas
     Reinhart's Women: A Novel

Boyle, T. Coraghessan
     If the River Was Whiskey: Stories
     World's End: A Novel

Bradford, Barbara Taylor
     Hold the Dream: The Sequel to A Woman of Substance

Bradley, David
     The Chaneysville Incident: A Novel

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
     The Mists of Avalon

Brooke-Rose, Christine

Brownmiller, Susan
     Waverly Place

Buckley, William F.
     Marco Polo, If You Can

Buechner, Frederick

Burgess, Anthony
     Earthly Powers

Burns, Olive Ann
     Cold Sassy Tree

Burroughs, William S.
     Cities of the Red Night

Burton, Gabrielle
     Heartbreak Hotel

Busch, Frederick
     Too Late American Boyhood Blues: Ten Stories

Calvino, Italo
     Difficult Loves

Campbell, Will D.
     The Convention: A Parable

Capote, Truman
     Answered Prayers: The Unfinished Novel

Carkeet, David
     I Been There Before: A Novel

Carr, Terry
     Universe 14

Casey, John

Chabon, Michael
     The Mysteries of Piitsburgh

Chandernagor, Françoise
     The King's Way: Recollections of Francoise d' Aubigne, Marquise de Maintenon, Wife to the King of France: A Novel

Chappell, Fred
     Brighten the Corner Where You Are
     I Am One of You Forever: A Novel

Chase-Riboud, Barbara
     Echo of Lions

Cheever, John
     Oh, What a Paradise it Seems

Chute, Carolyn
     The Beans of Egypt, Maine

Cisneros, Sandra
     The House on Mango Street

Clancy, Tom
     The Cardinal of the Kremlin
     Clear and Present Danger
     The Hunt for Red October
     Patriot Games
     Red Storm Rising

Clarke, Arthur Charles
     2061: Odyssey Three

Clarke, Thurston
     Thirteen O'Clock: A Novel About George Orwell and 1984

Cliff, Michelle
     No Telephone to Heaven

Coetzee, J. M.
     Life & Times of Michael K

Cook, Robin

Coover, Robert
     A Night at the Movies, or, You Must Remember This: Fictions

Currie, Ellen
     Available Light: A Novel

Dailey, Janet
     Calder Born, Calder Bred
     The Great Alone
     Heiress: A Novel

Daitch, Susan

Deford, Frank
     Everybody's All-American

DeLillo, Don
     White Noise

Delahaye, Michael
     On the Third Day

Dew, Robb Forman
     Dale Loves Sophie to Death

Dexter, Pete
     Paris Trout

Di Donato, Georgia
     Woman of Justice

Didion, Joan
     Democracy: A Novel

Doctorow, E. L.
     Billy Bathgate: A Novel
     Lives of the Poets: Six Stories and a Novella
     Loon Lake
     World's Fair

Drabble, Margaret
     A Natural Curiosity
     The Radiant Way

Dubus, Andre
     Voices From the Moon

Ducornet, Rikki
     The Fountains of Neptune: A Novel
     The Stain: A Novel

Duras, Marguerite
     The Lover

Eco, Umberto
     Foucault's Pendulum
     The Name of the Rose

Edgerton, Clyde
     Raney: A Novel
     Walking Across Egypt

Edmonds, Walter Dumaux
     The South African Quirt

Ehle, John
     The Winter People

Ehrlichman, John
     The China Card: A Novel

Elkin, Stanley
     George Mills

Erdman, Paul Emil
     The Last Days of America

Erdrich, Louise
     The Beet Queen: A Novel
     Love Medicine: A Novel

Fast, Howard
     The Legacy

Flynt, Candace
     Mother Love

Follett, Ken
     The Key to Rebecca
     The Man From St. Petersburg

Forbes, Bryan
     The Endless Game

Francis, Dick
     Break In

French, Marilyn
     Her Mother's Daughter: A Novel

Galloway, Janice
     The Trick Is To Keep Breathing: A Novel

García Márquez, Gabriel
     Chronicle of a Death Foretold
     The General in His Labyrinth
     Love in the Time of Cholera

Gardner, John
     The Art of Living, and Other Stories
     Mickelsson's Ghosts: A Novel

Gaskin, Catherine
     Family Affairs

George, Margaret
     The Autobiography of Henry VIII: With Notes By His Fool, Will Somers

Gibbons, Kaye
     Ellen Foster
     A Virtuous Woman: A Novel

Gilchrist, Ellen
     The Annunciation
     Victory Over Japan: A Book of Stories

Gingher, Marianne
     Bobby Rex's Greatest Hit

Gifford, Barry
     Wild at Heart: The Story of Sailor and Lula

Girzone, Joseph F.
     Joshua and the Children

Glynn, Thomas
     The Building: A Novel

Godwin, Gail
     A Mother and Two Daughters
     A Southern Family

Goethe, Ann
     Midnight Lemonade

Gold, Herbert
     Family: A Novel in the Form of a Memoir

Gordimer, Nadine
     July's People
     Something Out There: Stories
     A Sport of Nature: A Novel

Gordon, Mary
     The Other Side

Greeley, Andrew M.
     Lord of the Dance

Green, Gerald
     The Chains

Greene, Graham
     Doctor Fischer of Geneva, or The Bomb Party

Grusa, Jiri
     The Questionnaire

Gurganus, Allan
     The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All

Haasse, Hella S.
     In a Dark Wood Wandering: A Novel of the Middle Ages

Han, Suyin
     Till Morning Comes: A Novel

Hankla, Cathryn
     A Blue Moon in Poorwater

Hannah, Barry
     The Tennis Handsome: A Novel

Hawdon, Robin
     A Rustle in the Grass

Hawkes, John
     Whistlejacket: A Novel

Hays, Donald
     The Dixie Association
     Stories, Contemporary Southern Short Fiction

Hazzard, Shirley
     The Transit of Venus

Hedin, Mary
     Fly Away Home: Eighteen Short Stories

Heinnemann, Larry
     Paco's Story

Heinlein, Robert A.
     The Number of the Beast
     Job: A Comedy of Justice
     To Sail Beyond the Sunset

Heller, Joseph
     God Knows

Helprin, Mark
     Winter's Tale

Hemingway, Ernest
     The Garden of Eden

Herbert, Frank
     Chapterhouse, Dune
     God Emperor of Dune
     Heretics of Dune

Hersey, John
     The Call

Highwater, Jamake
     The Sun, He Dies: A Novel About the End of the Aztec World

Hijuelos, Oscar
     The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love

Hoban, Russell
     Riddley Walker

Hoffman, Alice
     At Risk

Holmes, Marjorie
     The Messiah

Hubbard, L. Ron
     An Alien Affair
     Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000
     Fortune of Fear

Hulme, Keri
     The Bone People: A Novel

Humphreys, Josephine
     Dreams of Sleep
     Rich in Love

Inman, Robert
     Home Fires Burning

Irving, John
     The Cider House Rules: A Novel

Jakes, John
     Love and War
     North and South

James, P. D.
     A Taste For Death

Janowitz, Tama
     Slaves of New York: Stories

Jong, Erica
     Parachutes & Kisses

Josephs, Rebecca
     Early Disorder

Kalpakian, Laura
     These Latter Days: A Novel

Keillor, Garrison
     Lake Wobegon Days
     Leaving Home

Kemelman, Harry
     Conversations With Rabbi Small

Kenan, Randall
     A Visitation of Spirits: A Novel

Kennedy, William
     Ironweed: A Novel

Kenney, Susan
     In Another Country: A Novel

Kenyon, Michael
     The Elgar Variation

Kiely, Benedict
     The State of Ireland: A Novella & Seventeen Stories

King, Stephen,
     Skeleton Crew
     The Tommyknockers

King, Stephen and Peter Straub
     The Talisman

Kingsolver, Barbara
     The Bean Trees: A Novel

Kotzwinkle, William
     E.T.: The Book of the Green Planet: A New Novel

Kogawa, Joy

Konwicki, Tadeusz
     A Minor Apocalypse: A Novel

Kramer, Kathryn
     A Handbook For Visitors From Outer Space: A Novel

Krantz, Judith
     Princess Daisy

L'Amour, Louis
     Last of the Breed

Le Carré, John
     The Russia House

Le Guin, Ursula K.
     The Compass Rose: Short Stories
     The Visionary: The Life Story of Flicker of the Serpentine of Telina-Na

Leffland, Ella
     Last Courtesies and Other Stories

Leonard, Elmore

Lish, Gordon
     Peru: A Novel

Livingston, Jack
     A Piece of the Silence: A Murder Mystery

Ludlum, Robert
     The Aquitaine Progression
     The Bourne Supremacy
     The Icarus Agenda

Mailer, Norman
     Tough Guys Don't Dance

Malone, Michael
     Time's Witness

Mano, D. Keith
     Take Five

Markson, David
     Wittgenstein's Mistress

Marshall, Catherine

Martin, Malachi
     The Vatican: A Novel

Mason, Bobbie Ann
     In Country: A Novel
     Shiloh and Other Stories

Matlock, Curtiss Ann
     Miracle on I-40

May, Julian
     The Many-Colored Land & The Golden Torc

McCaig, Donald
     Nop's Trials

McCorkle, Jill
     July 7th: A Novel
     Tending to Virginia: A Novel

McCrumb, Sharyn
     Lovely in Her Bones

McCullough, Colleen
     An Indecent Obsession

McInerney, Jay
     Bright Lights, Big City: A Novel

McMurtry, Larry
     Lonesome Dove: A Novel

Michener, James A.
     The Covenant

Miller, Sue
     The Good Mother

Millhauser, Steven
     In the Penny Arcade: Stories

Mohr, Nicholasa
     Rituals of Survival: A Woman's Portfolio

Momaday, N. Scott
     The Ancient Child: A Novel

Moorcock, Michael
     The Fortress of the Pearl

Moore, Alan

Moravia, Alberto
     Time of Desecration

Morgan, Robert
     The Blue Valleys: A Collection of Stories

Morris, Wright
     Plains Song, For Female Voices

Morrison, Toni
     Beloved: A Novel
     Tar Baby

Mosley, Nicholas
     Imago Bird

Mukherjee, Bharati
     The Middleman and Other Stories

Munro, Alice
     The Moons of Jupiter: Stories

Murdoch, Iris
     The Book and the Brotherhood
     The Good Apprentice

Naumoff, Lawrence
     The Night of the Weeping Women

Naylor, Gloria
     The Women of Brewster Place

Neely, Richard
     An Accidental Woman

Nelson, Charles
     The Boy Who Picked the Bullets Up

Nolan, Frederick W.
     White Nights, Red Dawn

Norris, Carolyn B.
     Signs Unseen, Sounds Unheard

Oates, Joyce Carol
     Last Days: Stories
     A Bloodsmoor Romance
     Angel of Light
     You Must Remember This

O'Brien, Tim
     The Things They Carried

Ollier, Claude

Ozick, Cynthia
     The Shawl

Paley, Grace
     Later the Same Day

Palliser, Charles
     The Quincunx

Pancake, Breece D'J
     The Stories of Breece D'J Pancake

Paton, Alan
     Ah, But Your Land is Beautiful

Pearson, T. R.
     Off For the Sweet Hereafter: A Novel
     A Short History of a Small Place: A Novel

Percy, Walker
     The Second Coming
     The Thanatos Syndrome

Phillips, Jill M.
     The Rain Maiden: A Novel

Pohl, Frederik
     The Years of the City

Portis, Charles
     Masters of Atlantis: A Novel

Potok, Chaim.
     Davita's Harp

Powell, Padgett
     Edisto: A Novel

Price, Eugenia
     To See Your Face Again: A Novel

Price, Reynolds
     Good Hearts
     Kate Vaiden
     The Source of Light

Puzo, Mario
     The Sicilian: A Novel

Pym, Barbara
     An Academic Question

Read, Miss
     Gossip From Thrush Green
     Village Centenary

Reed, Ishmael
     The Terrible Threes
     The Terrible Twos

Renault, Mary
     Funeral Games

Rios, Julian

Roa Bastos, Augusto Antonio
     I, the Supreme

Robbins, Tom
     Jitterbug Perfume

Robinson, Derek
     Piece of Cake: A Novel

Robinson, Marilynne

Rossner, Judith

Roth, Philip
     The Anatomy Lesson
     The Counterlife
     Zuckerman Unbound

Rushdie, Salman
     Midnight's Children

Rutherfurd, Edward
     Sarum: The Novel of England

Safire, William

Sagan, Carl
     Contact: A Novel

Sanchez, Luis Rafael
     Macho Camacho's Beat

Santmyer, Helen Hooven
     --- and Ladies of the Club

Schwartz, Lynne Sharon
     Acquainted With the Night, and Other Stories

Seiden, Othniel J.
     The Survivor of Babi Yar

Seymour, Miranda

Shacochis, Bob
     Easy in the Islands: Stories

Shange, Ntozake
     Betsey Brown
     Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo: A Novel

Shaw, Irwin
     Bread Upon the Waters

Sheed, Wilfrid, compiler
     Sixteen Short Novels: An Anthology

Sheldon, Sidney
     If Tomorrow Comes
     Rage of Angels
     Windmills of the Gods

Shivers, Louise
     Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail

Siddons, Anne Rivers
     Peachtree Road: A novel

Silverberg, Robert
     Majipoor Chronicles: A Novel

Simon, Claude
     The Invitation

Simpson, Mona
     Anywhere But Here

Singer, Isaac Bashevis
     The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer

Skimin, Robert
     Gray Victory

Smith, Lee
     Fair and Tender Ladies
     Family Linen

Smith, Martin Cruz
     Gorky Park

Steel, Danielle

Steele, Max
     The Hat of My Mother: Stories

Stevenson, William
     The Ghosts of Africa: A Novel

Stone, Irving
     Depths of Glory: A Biographical Novel of Camille Pissarro
     The Origin: A Biographical Novel of Charles Darwin

Stone, Robert
     Children of Light

Stout, David
     Carolina Skeletons: A Novel Based on the Execution of America's Youngest Murderer

Stout, Rex
     Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novels

Tan, Amy
     The Joy Luck Club

Taylor, Peter Hillsman
     A Summons to Memphis

Thompson, Anne Armstrong
     The Swiss Legacy

Theroux, Paul
     Half Moon Street: Two Short Novels
     The Mosquito Coast: A Novel

Thomas, D. M.
     The White Hotel

Thornton, Lawrence
     Imagining Argentina

Toole, John Kennedy
     A Confederacy of Dunces

     The Summer of Katya

Truscott, Lucian K.
     Army Blue

Tryon, Thomas
     All That Glitters

Tyler, Anne
     The Accidental Tourist
     Breathing Lessons
     Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

Updike, John
     Bech is Back
     Rabbit is Rich
     Roger's Version

Vidal, Gore
     Creation: A Novel
     Lincoln: A Novel

Vliet, R.G.
     Scorpio Rising

Wainwright, John William
     The Venus Fly-Trap

Walker, Alice
     The Color Purple

Wangerin, Walter
     Miz Lil & the Chronicles of Grace

Welt, Elly
     Berlin Wild: A Novel

West, Jessamyn
     The State of Stony Lonesome

Wharton, William
     A Midnight Clear

White, Edmund
     A Boy's Own Story

Wideman, John Edgar
     Sent For You Yesterday

Wiesel, Elie

Wilcox, James
     North Gladiola

Wiley, Richard
     Soldiers in Hiding: A Novel

Williams, Maxville Burt
     Strange Wind From the Roanoke

Wilson, A. N.
     Gentlemen in England: A Vision

Wolfe, Tom
     The Bonfire of the Vanities

Wolff, Tobias
     The Barracks Thief

Woods, Stuart
     Grass Roots: A Novel

Wouk, Herman
     Inside, Outside: A Novel

Yates, Richard
     Young Hearts Crying

Yerby, Frank
     Western: A Saga of the Great Plains

Yount, John

Zahn, Timothy
     A Coming of Age