1990s Popular Fiction

Ackroyd, Peter
     Milton in America

Adams, Alice
     A Southern Exposure: A Novel

Alexie, Sherman
     The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

Alfau, Felipe

Alvarez, Julia
     In the Time of the Butterflies

Ansa, Tina McElroy
     Ugly Ways: A Novel

Archer, Jeffrey
     Honor Among Thieves

Atwood, Margaret Eleanor
     Alias Grace
     The Robber Bride

Auel, Jean M.
     The Plains of Passage

Awoonor, Kofi
     Comes the Voyager at Last: A Tale of Return to Africa

Baker, Kevin

Bambara, Toni Cade
     Those Bones Are Not My Child
     Gorilla, My Love

Banks, Russell
     Cloudsplitter: A Novel

Baldwin, Mart
     Kill the Benefactor

Bao Ninh
     The Sorrow of War

Barnes, Julian
     Cross Channel

Barrett, Andrea
     Ship Fever: Stories

Barth, John
     The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor
     On With the Story: Stories

Berger, Thomas
     The Return of Little Big Man

Berriault, Gina
     Women in Their Beds: New and Selected Stories

Berry, Wendell
     Fidelity: Five Stories

Betts, Doris
     Souls Raised From the Dead: A Novel

Bledsoe, Jerry
     The Angel Doll: A Christmas Story

Booth, Martin
     A Very Private Gentleman

Boyle, T. Coraghessan
     East is East
     The Road to Wellville

Brady, Maureen

Bragg, Melvyn
     The Soldier's Return: A Novel

Breton, Marclea, editor
     Hot and Cool: Jazz Short Stories

Brown, Dan
     Digital Fortress

Brown, Rita Mae
     Loose Lips
     Venus Envy

Bunting, Josiah
     An Education For Our Time

Burke, James Lee

Butler, Robert Olen
     A Good Scent From a Strange Mountain: Stories

Byatt, A. S.
     Possession: A Romance

Canin, Ethan
     The Palace Thief

Caputo, Philip
     The Voyage

Card, Orson Scott
     Lost Boys

Carey, Peter
     Jack Maggs

Carr, Caleb
     The Angel of Darkness

Cela, Camilo Jose
     Mazurka For Two Dead Men

Chabon, Michael
     Wonder Boys

Chamoiseau, Patrick.

Chandler, Raymond
     Later Novels and Other Writings

Chappell, Fred
     Look Back All the Green Valley

Chase-Riboud, Barbara
     The President's Daughter

Chevalier, Tracy
     Girl With a Pearl Earring

Cisneros, Sandra
     Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories

Clancy, Tom
     The Bear and the Dragon
     The Sum of All Fears

Coe, Marian
     Eve's Mountain: A Novel of Passion and Mystery in the Blue Ridge

Coelho, Paulo
     The Alchemist [A Fable About Following Your Dream]

Collins, Warwick
     Computer One: A Novel

Conde, Maryse
     Crossing the Mangrove
     I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem

Connell, Evan S.
     The Collected Stories of Evan S. Connell

Connelly, Michael
     Angels Flight: A Novel

Conroy, Pat
     Beach Music

Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
     Cause of Death
     Hornet's Nest

Crace, Jim
     Being Dead

Cross, Donna Woolfolk
     Pope Joan: A Novel

Cunningham, Michael
     The Hours

Curtis, C. Michael
     God: Stories

Cussler, Clive
     Flood Tide: A Dirk Pitt Novel

Dabydeen, David
     The Intended

Dadie, Bernard Binlin
     An African in Paris

Danticat, Edwidge
     Krik? Krak!

Davidson, Donald
     The Big Ballad Jamboree: A Novel

Davies, Luke

Davies, Robertson
     The Cunning Man: A Novel

Davis, Donald D.
     Listening For the Crack of Dawn
     Thirteen Miles From Suncrest

DeLillo, Don
     Mao II

Desai, Anita
     Fasting, Feasting
     The Red Tent

Doctorow, E. L.
     The Waterworks

Dorris, Michael
     Cloud Chamber: A Novel

Dorris, Michael; Erdrich, Louise
     The Crown of Columbus

Doyle, Roddy
     Paddy Clarke, Ha Ha Ha
     The Woman Who Walked Into Doors

Dubus, Andre
     Selected Stories

Ducornet, Rikki
     The Jade Cabinet

Earley, Tony
     Here We Are in Paradise: Stories

Earling, Debra Magpie
     Perma Red

Eco, Umberto
     The Island of the Day Before

Edgerton, Clyde
     In Memory of Junior
     Killer Diller: A Novel
     Where Trouble Sleeps: A Novel

Elkin, Stanley
     The MacGuffin

Ellison, Ralph
     Flying Home and Other Stories

Erdrich, Louise
     The Bingo Palace
     Tales of Burning Love

Esteves, Carmen C.
     Green Cane and Juicy Flotsam: Short Stories by Caribbean Women

Evans, Nicholas
     The Horse Whisperer

Finney, Patricia
     Firedrake's Eye

Fitzgerald, Penelope
     The Blue Flower

FitzSimons, Jennifer
     Fishbox Vanity

Flicker, Ted
     The Good American

Fox, Paula
     The God of Nightmares

Francis, Dick
     Driving Force
     To the Hilt

Frazier, Charles
     Cold Mountain

Gaarder, Jostein
     Sophie's World: A Novel About the History of Philosphy

Gaddis, William
     A Frolic of His Own: A Novel

Gaines, Ernest J.
     A Lesson Before Dying

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
     Strange Pilgrims: Twelve Stories

Gardner, Mary
     Boat People: A Novel

Gerard, Philip
     Cape Fear Rising

Gibbons, Kaye
     Charms for the Easy Life
     Sights Unseen

Gilchrist, Ellen
     I Cannot Get You Close Enough: Three Novellas

Gingher, Robert, editor
     Rough Road Home: Stories by North Carolina Writers

Glazener, Mary
     The Cup of Wrath: A Novel Based on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Resistance to Hitler

Godwin, Gail
     Father Melancholy's Daughter

Goldratt, Eliyahu M.
     Critical Chain
     It's Not Luck

Gordimer, Nadine
     None to Accompany Me

Gordon, Caroline
     Green Centuries

Goytisolo, Juan
     Quarantine: A Novel

Gray, Alasdair
     Poor Things: Episodes From the Early Life of Archibald McCandless M.D., Scottish Public Health Officer

Greene, Graham
     The Last Word, and Other Stories

Grimsley, Jim
     Winter Birds

Grisham, John
     The Client
     The Pelican Brief
     The Runaway Jury
     The Street Lawyer

Guinn, Jeff
     The Autobiography of Santa Claus: It's Better to Give

Gurganus, Allan
     White People

Hailey, Arthur
     The Evening News

Haynes, David
     Right By My Side: A Novel

Heller, Joseph
     Closing Time: A Novel

Hemingway, Ernest
     True At First Light

Hersey, John
     Antonietta: A Novel

Hiaasen, Carl
     Naked Came the Manatee: A Novel
     Sick Puppy: A Novel

Higgins, Jack
     The White House Connection

Hillerman, Tony
     Three Jim Chee Mysteries

Hoffman, Alice
     Seventh Heaven

Hoffman, Margaret
     Blackbeard: A Tale of Villainy & Murder in Colonial America

Houston, Pam
     Cowboys Are My Weakness: Stories

Hughes, Langston
     The Return of Simple

Hyde, Catherine Ryan
     Pay it Forward: A Novel

Inman, Robert
     Old Dogs and Children

Irving, John
     A Widow For One Year: A Novel

James, P.D.
     Deadly Pleasures: Three Masterly Detective Novels

Jin, Ha

Johnson, Charles Richard
     Middle Passage

Jordan, Robert
     The Eye of the World

Kaiper, Gina V.
     I Shall Never Speak: A Novel

Karon, Jan
     A New Song
     At Home in Mitford
     Out to Canaan
     These High, Green Hills

Kenan, Randall
     Let the Dead Bury Their Dead and Other Stories

King, Ross

King, Stephen
     The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition (original, abbreviated edition published in 1978)
     Hearts in Atlantis

Kingsolver, Barbara
     The Poisonwood Bible: A Novel
     Animal Dreams: A Novel

Kleier, Glenn
     The Last Day

Kluger, Steve
     Last Days of Summer: A Novel

LaHaye, Tim F.
     Apollyon: The Destroyer is Unleashed
     Assassins: Assignment, Jerusalem, Target, Antichrist
     Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days
     Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist
     Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides
     Tribulation Force: The Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind

Lahiri, Jhumpa
     Interpreter of Maladies: Stories

Lardo, Vincent
     McNally's Dilemma

Lasser, Scott
     Battle Creek

Lavene, Joyce
     Last Dance

Lesley, Craig
     Talking Leaves: Contemporary Native American Short Stories

Lethem, Jonathan
     Motherless Brooklyn

Lightman, Alan P.
     Einstein's Dreams

Lins, Osman
     The Queen of the Prisons of Greece

MacNamara, Desmond
     The Book of Intrusions

Mahfuz, Najib
     The Cairo Trilogy

Mailer, Norman.
     The Gospel According to the Son

Malone, Michael
     Uncivil Seasons

Maron, Margaret
     Bootlegger's Daughter

Martin, Wendy, ed.
     We Are the Stories We Tell: The Best Short Stories by North American Women Since 1945

Maxwell, Robin
     The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn: A Novel

McCarthy, Cormac
     All the Pretty Horses
     The Crossing

McLaurin, Tim
     Cured By Fire

McCorkle, Jill
     Crash Diet: Stories
     Carolina Moon: A Novel

McCrumb, Sharyn
     The Ballad of Frankie Silver
     Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Other Stories

McCullough, Colleen
     The First Man in Rome

McDermott, Alice
     Charming Billy

McMillan, Terry
     Waiting to Exhale

McMurtry, Larry
     Streets of Laredo: A Novel

Meltzer, Brad
     The Tenth Justice

Mistry, Rohinton
     A Fine Balance: A Novel

Mitchell, Joseph
     Up in the Old Hotel, and Other Stories

Mo, Yan
     Red Sorghum: A Novel of China

Moorcock, Michael
     Micheal Moorcock's Elric: Tales of the White Wolf: An Original Anthology
     The Revenge of the Rose

Moore, Lorrie
     Birds of America: Stories

Morgan, Robert
     The Mountains Won't Remember Us, and Other Stories
     The Truest Pleasure
     The Balm of Gilead Tree: New and Selected Stories
     Gap Creek: A Novel

Morrison, Toni

Mosley, Nicholas
     Hopeful Monsters

Mosley, Walter
     Black Betty

Mount, Ferdinand
     Jem (and Sam): A Novel

Munro, Alice
     Friend of My Youth: Stories
     The Love of a Good Woman: Stories

Murdoch, Iris
     Jackson's Dilemma

Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
     The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov

Naumoff, Lawrence
     Rootie Kazootie

Nye, Robert
     The Late Mr. Shakespeare

Oates, Joyce Carol
     Because It is Bitter, and Because It is My Heart
     Black Water
     We Were the Mulvaneys

O'Brien, Tim
     Tomcat in Love

Oke, Janette
     The Meeting Place

Olds, Bruce
     Raising Holy Hell: A Novel

Ondaatje, Michael
     The English Patient: A Novel

O'Neill, Jamie
     Kilbrack, or, Who is Nancy Valentine?

Osborne-McKnight, Juliene
     I Am of Irelaunde: A Novel of Patrick and Osian

Owen, Howard

Paley, Grace
     The Collected Stories

Parker, Gary E.
     The Ephesus Fragment

Payne, David (William David)
     Ruin Creek: A Novel

Pears, Iain
     An Instance of the Fingerpost

Peart, Jane
     The Pattern

Perkins, David, editor
     Pete & Shirley: The Great Tar Heel Novel

Phillips, Caryl
     Crossing the River

Porter, Connie Rose
     All-Bright Court

Power, Susan
     The Grass Dancer

Price, Charles F.
     Freedom's Altar

Price, Reynolds
     Blue Calhoun
     The Forseeable Future
     The Promise of Rest
     The Source of Light
     Tongues of Angels
     The Three Gospels
     The Collected Stories

Proulx, Annie
     The Shipping News

Pynchon, Thomas
     Mason & Dixon

Ray, Clyde
     Across the Dark River: The Odyssey of the 56th N.C. Infantry in the American Civil War

Redfield, James
     The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure

Riggs, Jack
     When the Finch Rises

Ross, Ann B.
     Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind: A Novel

Roth, Henry
     Mercy of a Rude Stream

Roth, Philip
     Operation Shylock: A Confession
     Sabbath's Theater

Rubio, Gwyn Hyman
     Icy Sparks

Rush, Norman

Rushdie, Salman
     Haroun and the Sea of Stories
     The Ground Beneath Her Feet: A Novel

Russell, John
     Favorite Sons: A Novel

Russo, Richard
     Straight Man

Sanders, Dori
     Clover: A Novel
     Her Own Place: A Novel

Sandlin, Tim
     Sorrow Floats

Secreast, Donald
     The Rat Becomes Light

Selvon, Samuel
     Moses Migrating: A Novel

Senna, Danzy

Shields, Carol
     The Stone Diaries

Shivers, Louise
     A Whistling Woman

Siddons, Anne Rivers
     Outer Banks: A Novel

Simmons, Dan
     The Crook Factory

Sire, James W.
     Chris Chrisman Goes to College -- And Faces the Challenges of Relativism, Individualism, and Pluralism

Smiley, Jane
     A Thousand Acres

Smith, Lee
     The Christmas Letters: A Novella
     The Devil's Dream
     News of the Spirit
     Saving Grace
     Me and My Baby View the Eclipse: Stories

Smith, Martin Cruz
     Havana Bay: A Novel

Smith, Mary Burnett
     Miss Ophelia: A Novel

Sontag, Susan
     In America: A Novel

Sorrentino, Gilbert
     Under the Shadow

Spackman, W.M. (William Mode)
     The Complete Fiction of W.M. Spackman

Squire, Elizabeth Daniels
     Remember the Alibi

Squire-Buresh, Anne L.
     Beyond the Golden Hills and Other Stories

Stone, Robert
     Damascus Gate

Straight, Susan
     I Been in Sorrow's Kitchen and Licked Out All the Pots: A Novel

Szewc, Piotr
     Annihilation: A Novel

Thomas, D. M.
     Pictures At an Exhibition

Tremain, Rose
     Sacred Country

Tyler, Anne
     Ladder of Years

Updike, John
     In the Beauty of the Lilies
     Memories of the Ford Administration: A Novel
     Rabbit At Rest

Vonnegut, Kurt
     Hocus Pocus

Vreeland, Susan
     Girl in Hyacinth Blue

Wade, Brent
     Company Man: A Novel

Wallace, David Foster
     Infinite Jest: A Novel

Waller, Robert James
     The Bridges of Madison County

Weisberger, Lauren
     The Devil Wears Prada

Wideman, John Edgar
     Philadelphia Fire: A Novel

Wolfe, Tom
     A Man in Full: A Novel

Zabor, Rafi
     The Bear Comes Home

Zukofsky, Louis
     Collected Fiction