Course Reserve Form

We will place material on Reserve for you as quickly as possible; usually, this takes 2-3 days. Please submit your Reserves request with any non-Library material to us before assigning them to your students.


General Information:

You may request to have books, article photocopies, class notes, nonprint material, etc., placed on reserve.

These may be library-owned items, your department's, or your personal copies.

We do limit to 8 library items per course.

More than one copy of photocopies and personal items is permissible.

You must supply a full bibliographic citation for any photocopied material, or any material where the bibliographic information is not in evidence.


Choosing a time length for your reserve:

You may select 3-hour (in-library use), 1-day, 3-day, or 7-day Reserve.

You may keep material on Reserve for a semester or less.

At the end of the semester or summer, Library material will be returned to our shelves and personal or department items will go back to you.


Copyright Laws:

Dover Memorial Library must abide by federal copyright laws; for this reason, we must deny any requests which we consider to be a violation of those laws. General copyright guidelines will be waived if you can supply for our files documentation that this is copyright-free material or that you have permission from the copyright holder to use the material in this way. Here are a few helpful copyright tips:


  1. Photocopies from books: a maximum of one chapter which is no more than 10% of the book is allowed for any in-print or reasonably obtainable book.
  2. Photocopies from journals: only one article from any single issue is allowed.
  3. Photocopies obtained through interlibrary loan: these may not be placed on Reserve.
  4. Material printed from the Internet: electronic material is subject to the same copyright laws; we suggest that you supply your students with the URL to the appropriate website.
  5. Nonprint media: purchased or copyright-free media is fine; we cannot place on Reserve rented media, or media which you have duplicated from any commercial source including live broadcasts or from one format to another.


Course Reserve Request Form