Study Areas

Dover Library provides students with numerous personal and group study areas. Most study areas have power outlets nearby for plugging in laptops.


Large Group Study Room - located in the room to the right as you walk in the front doors. This glass room is equipped with large sturdy tables and is a place where groups can talk freely. The vending machines located in this room provide snacks, fresh food, and hot and cold beverages.


Study Carrels - There are carrels located on each floor of the library, usually toward the back outer wall. Each carrel is equipped with a power outlet on the wall.


Study Rooms - located on the 3rd floor of the library are study rooms. Each room has a desk, study lights, and power outlets. Some rooms can accommodate a small study group, others are for individual use.


Periodicals Lounge - The third floor periodicals area contains a small study lounge with several couches and chairs. This is a great place to meet with a small group or to relax in the library.