Design/Proofing Process Overview

Production timelines are largely dependent upon client preparedness during the design process and timeliness during the proofing process. Should a client delay in providing information or in responding to proofs, the desired deadline may be missed. Please review the following pertinent information relative to the below processes.

  • Please provide as much detail as possible up front. 
  • If content needs developed or photos need taken, project timelines will need to be extended to account for completion of those processes.
  • Proofs will be limited to three rounds. Clients will be required to provide feedback on proofs within 48 hours, or two business days. 
    • The first round will be for design review. This round is purely focused on graphics, not content. Please note that while the Office of Creative Services tries to incorporate client feedback as best possible, final design decisions rest with the Office of Creative Services.
    • The second round will be for content review. At this point in the process, graphic changes should be finalized and the focus should be on content accuracy.
    • The third round is a final proof. At this point in the process, the client should ensure that the piece is ready for print. 

Please note that excess lapsed time or additional rounds of proofs will extend the project timeline and could result in missing the production deadline.