General Production Timelines

Below you will find the required lengths of time for various project types. Late submissions may be denied based on the already-existing production queue. Unless noted, these timelines do not include printing schedules.

Project Timelines

Viewbook8 Weeks
Brochure5 Weeks
Flyer4 Weeks External Printer; 3 Weeks AV Lab
Poster4 Weeks External Printer; 3 Weeks AV Lab
Advertisement (Web and/or Print)4 Weeks
Event Programs3 Weeks External Printer; 2 Weeks AV Lab
Handbooks10 Weeks
Invitations4 Weeks
Billboards3 Weeks
Postcards3 Weeks
Mailings (Including Envelopes)6 Weeks
Folders5 Weeks
Envelopes5 Weeks
Digital Signs2 Weeks
Business CardsVaries depending on submission volume.
Name TagsVaries depending on submission volume.
Promotional Items4 Weeks
T-shirts5 Weeks
Embroidery3 Weeks
Banners (Vinyl)3 Weeks
Banners (Tradeshow)4 Weeks

*Please note that these timelines vary based on client preparedness during the design process and timeliness during the proofing process. If content needs developed or photos need taken, timelines will be extended to account for those processes.