Res Tech and STA Program

The Gardner-Webb University Res-Tech & STA Programs are aimed at providing the University with a technologically-trained student support team.


These students provide level one technical support in the residence halls for computer hardware/software and network access problems and secondary support for lab monitors, lab technicians, the university "Tech support" line and other duties assigned by Technology Services.


"Res-Techs" and "STAs" are students who have passed a technical computer support boot camp taught by experienced Technology Services personnel in personal computer hardware/software maintenance and network connectivity. The classes will involve detailed instruction and hands-on applications that will provide each technician with the skills necessary to provide level-one customer support to those students living in the residence halls. At the end of the instruction period, each applicant must pass a standard skills evaluation to be certified for either of the programs.


Ideally, each residence hall on campus should have one Res-Tech in occupancy. Each technician will provide the primary level of technical support for their dorm and serve as backup support for other residence halls on an as-needed basis. Their primary emphasis is to keep the student connected to the university network.


Res-Techs will begin their assignment in the program two business days before incoming freshmen are to report in the fall semester and one business day before students are to report for the spring semester.


Their primary objective will be to make personal contact with every student assigned to the residence hall on move-in day to proactively determine what rooms have computers and ensure desired network connection has been provided. It is expected that every residence hall student who has a computer and desires network access will be connected to the WEBBNET during their first week on campus. At the conclusion of the first week of occupancy, each technician will be required to provide Technology Services management with a comprehensive analysis of room connection to the network for the hall to include any unresolved issues. After the first week, each technician will be required to maintain a daily log of service requests and actions taken to resolve reported issues. Each log will be forwarded to Technology Services for review on a weekly basis.


STAs will provide on-site assistance to faculty and staff that encounter hardware and/or software problems. This feature will greatly improve the service Technology Services is trying to provide to our evening and off-campus faculty, staff and students whose program requires non-traditional business hours.


Finally, the STAs will be expected to provide a level of expertise for lab monitors, lab technicians and each other. They will provide the means by which Technology Services will be able to employ a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan to keep university technological resources at peak operating performance. STAs will conduct unannounced inspections of university computer labs and multi-media classrooms to ensure perpetual working order.


To qualify for the Res-Tech or STA program, each candidate must:


  • be a residential student (Res-Techs only)
  • have a computer capable of network connectivity (Res-Techs only)
  • be in good academic standing with the University
  • have a positive attitude toward the University
  • have good communication skills
  • be professional and trustworthy
  • attend a Technology Services' class on technology support and maintenance and pass a standard technical evaluation.


To attract and retain potential candidates to the program, Gardner-Webb offers students selected as Res-Techs a reduction of their room expenses equal to the current double occupancy rate. For STAs, any hours scheduled for Technology Services support will be compensated at a rate higher than current work study students via the Gardner-Webb work study program.