Multidisciplinary Studies - Online

Your Bachelor of Science with the Multi-Disciplinary Studies Major allows you to embrace two or three disciplines within the Gardner-Webb’s Degree Completion Program. The major is designed to allow you to tailor your studies to meet your individual interests and needs. Instead of focusing on just one area of study, you are able to combine your interests in different fields into one degree program providing a greater breadth. With the exception of Human Services, all of the disciplines are offered entirely online.


You must complete a capstone course in one of your disciplines which includes a research project allowing you to research across all disciplines in your major. This will be a substantive research project consisting of both written and presentation components and will be completed towards the end of your program (i.e., senior status) allowing you to draw as much as possible from all you have learned. Depending on the requirements of your disciplines, this course may be part of the 36 hours or may be an additional three hours.



  1. Allow students to expand their areas of knowledge and apply different disciplines in their careers.
  2. Allow students to choose courses that are of interest and helpful for their stages of personal and professional development.
  3. Allow students to have a broader perspective and to be more adaptable in an ever-changing world.



  1. Students will learn to think critically about their areas of study and to integrate areas of learning.
  2. Students will demonstrate effective research skills.
  3. Students will develop effective communication skills.

These Student Learning Outcomes will be met by successful completion (C, 2.0, or better) of any of the following courses which address these areas (BAD 480, CJC 495, HUS 493, REL 490)


For more program information, please refer to the DCP Catalog.


Dr. Van Graham
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