Religious Studies - Online

Offered entirely online, Gardner-Webb's Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies provides a fully accredited baccalaureate degree in religion. Graduates will be prepared to assume positions in churches or social agencies or to go on to seek higher academic degrees at a university, school of divinity, or seminary.



Within the context of a Christian liberal arts tradition, our mission in both graduate and undergraduate education is to provide an atmosphere of open inquiry, honesty, and integrity where issues of religious understanding, faith, practice, and philosophy can be explored. Our intention is to prepare lifelong learners who are self-aware, critical and analytical thinkers, committed to a life of service with and for God and humanity.



To assist both undergraduate and graduate students in achieving:

  1. An appreciation for the Judeo-Christian tradition in the context of a liberal arts tradition;
  2. A developing spiritual life that integrates the physical, mental, psychological, and social dimensions of life;
  3. An ability to think, to reason, and to communicate with critical awareness in the context of religious studies and philosophy;
  4. An ability to translate critical thinking into responsible life choices;
  5. A commitment to the pursuit of life-long learning; and
  6. Preparation for pursuing advanced studies and professions related to serving God and humanity.


Student Learning Outcomes

Students who choose to major in the Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy will demonstrate:

  1. Basic skills in biblical interpretation and exegesis, and
  2. Skills in critical thinking and written and oral communication.


For more program information, please refer to the DCP Catalog.



Dr. Joe Collins

Phone: (704) 406-4459