Cap and Gown Information

The Graduation fee does not cover the purchase of your cap and gown; you are responsible for paying Jostens directly. ** Jostens requires that you pay them directly for your cap and gown when you place your order. If you have a question about whether your order was received or about the status of your order, contact Jostens at 1-800-854-7464.

To order your Cap and Gown:

  1. The Jostens website is now closed for all cap and gown orders for the December Commencement.  If you still need to order your cap and gown, please do so from the Gardner-Webb University Campus Shop at 704-406-4273 immediately.
  2. For all graduation candidates except for doctoral candidates:  Order your Cap and Gown according to your size and degree. All graduates will wear black tassels. Do not order a hood. The hood will be given to you at graduation.

Your GWU account is charged as follows for the hood: 

  1. Associate of Arts - No charge
  2. Bachelor's Degree (all programs) - $30
  3. Master's Degree (all programs) - $35
  4. Educational Specialist – No charge (student orders entire package)

Doctoral candidates:

Order your Cap, Gown, and hood according to your size and degree. IMPORTANT: You will need to place your name inside of the hood and deliver the hood to a representative of the Registrar’s Office prior to the commencement.  All graduates will wear black tassels.

  1. Doctor of Ministry: Red
  2. Doctor of Education: Light Blue
  3. Doctor of Nursing Practice: Apricot