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Pre-Real World,

Gain experience through the P.R.E.


The Professional Readiness Experience (PRE) is a graduation requirement designed to better prepare students for the world of work by giving each student additional practical and relevant professional development experience aligned with their chosen career field.

This requirement can be met by choosing a designated PRE course through their academic department such as an internship or practicum, but it can also be met through the completion of one of five experiences independent of a course.  These are:

  • Certified Internship Program (CIP)
  • Research
  • Study Abroad
  • Service-Learning
  • Leadership

Each option with the PRE has unique features.  To learn more about each experience, click on the links above. 


Step 1:  Exploration

Which path fits you best? 

Because each student has a unique calling, strengths, and interests, the PRE is designed to allow for student preferences to align with individual career goals.  We start work on the PRE in University 111 classes where student explore strengths and purpose to determine what is the best fit for each student.

Step 2: Student Application

Plan your adventure.

The ideal time to complete a PRE experience is between the sophomore and junior year, although each student situation varies.  This allows a student enough time prepare for the PRE while also being able to use the experience to impact the rest of their college journey.

To start the PRE process, each student much first complete the PRE student application indicating their intended PRE choice, project supervisor and indicate how this experience will fit with career goals. 

Step 3: Complete the Experience

Blaze the trail!

Successfully accomplishing one PRE fulfills the student graduation requirement providing intentional steps toward the student’s professional readiness.  Successful completion of a PRE-designated course or experience independent of a course, will be indicated on the student transcript.

Step 4: Pull it all together

Make the journey matter.

The PRE gives students the opportunity to demonstrate specific skills and experience in a real-world work setting.  Students are expected to couple this experience with resume development, interview and networking skills, and refinement of professional goals.